• Marianne Beisheim

    Sustainable Development: Reviewing progress and implementation

    Making the most of the HLPF‘s reviews after 2015

    Presented at the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), Juli 2, 2014, New York
  • New Climate Leadership

    “Yes we can ... after all” – the United States is caught between international ambitions and domestic challenges

    In a push for climate protection in the US, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new CO2 emission limits for power plants. This is the next step in President Barack Obama’s agenda on tackling climate change and the measures... more
  • Tamer Khorma

    The Myth of the Jordanian Monarchy’s Resilience to the Arab Spring

    Lack of Genuine Political Reform Undermines Social Base of Monarchy

    The political reforms announced by the Jordanian regime in 2012 were widely welcomed on the international diplomatic level. However, these reforms reflect neither the priorities of political forces, nor those of the masses. Critical changes are dominating... more
  • The Structural Weaknesses of TTIP

    Transatlantic Partnership Threatens More than Just Consumer Protection

    Questions concerning consumer rights have thus far dominated discussions about the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This is surprising, because very much more is at stake. Firstly, TTIP and similar large-scale projects endanger... more
  • Leading the Counter-Revolution

    Saudi Arabia and the Arab Spring

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has survived the revolutions in the Arab world largely unscathed and entrenched itself as the undisputed leader of the Arab monarchies and the wealthy oil- and gas-producing states. More broadly, though, Saudi and Gulf rulers’... more
  • A Chechen al-Qaeda?

    Caucasian Groups Further Internationalise the Syrian Struggle

    In April 2014 government forces defeated a rebel offensive in the north of the Syrian province of Latakia. Although they initially reached the coast, the insurgents were unable to hold their positions there. The rebel forces included many Chechens and... more

Analytical and academic papers

Susanne Dröge, Sonja Thielges

USA: New Climate Leadership

SWP Comments 2014/C 34, July 2014, 4 Pages
Tamer Khorma

Jordan: Resilience to Arab Spring?

SWP Comments 2014/C 33, July 2014, 8 Pages
Heribert Dieter

TTIP: Structural Weaknesses

SWP Comments 2014/C 32, July 2014, 4 Pages
Guido Steinberg

Saudi Arabia and the Arab Spring

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 07, June 2014, 27 Pages
Christian Wagner

Security Cooperation in South Asia

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 06, June 2014, 22 Pages

"Point of View"

Presidential elections in Egypt, polling station in Cairo, 26.05.2014. Photo: Zeinab Mohamed, licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Egypt: The EU Election Observation Mission was a Mistake

The assessment of the Egyptian presidential election by EU observers is highly problematic. Their preliminary report indicates that the EU has sided with the repressive regime. This could compromise its influence on the country’s development; argue Lars Brozus and Stephan Roll. more
Poster by Marie-Julie Lörch, designed for the European Parliament elections poster contest, that was launched by the German Federal Government, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Interview: »The Liberals will remain the kingmakers in the EP«

Daniela Kietz and Anne Lauenroth on the European elections results, the performance of populist parties and turnout rates. more

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Max Mutschler
Arms Control in Space

Exploring Conditions for Preventive Arms Control

Henriette Rytz
Ethnic Interest Groups in US Foreign Policy-Making

A Cuban-American Story of Success and Failure