Analytical and academic papers

Tobias Etzold, Paweł Tokarski

Finland: New Centre-Right Government

SWP Comments 2015/C 35, June 2015, 4 Pages
Annegret Bendiek, Markus Kaim

New European Security Strategy

SWP Comments 2015/C 34, June 2015, 7 Pages
Hanns Günther Hilpert, Gudrun Wacker

China: Geoeconomics Meets Geopolitics

SWP Comments 2015/C 33, June 2015, 7 Pages
Guido Steinberg, Annette Weber

Jihadism in Africa

SWP Research Paper 2015/RP 05, June 2015, 104 Pages
Gudrun Wacker

Security Cooperation in East Asia

SWP Research Paper 2015/RP 04, May 2015, 40 Pages

"Point of View"

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Elections in Denmark: EU skepticism instead of gradual rapprochement

After its exceptionally good election results, The Danish People’s Party could draw Denmark further into the euro-skeptic camp, write Tobias Etzold and Janus Keck. more


Ukrainian soldier at a checkpoint near Debaltseve, Donetsk region, Ukraine, 19.02.2015; Source: dpa-picturealliance

Crisis in and around Ukraine

Internal and external developments in Ukraine and Russia; repercussions of crisis in the region and for European and international security.
Last Update April 2015
Houthi supporters with weapons held al;oft shout anti-Saudi slogans during a rally demanding an end to Saudi-led military operations on Houthis and their allies, in Sana'a, Yemen, 22 April 2015; Source: dpa-picturealliance

Upheavals in the Arab World

New Dossier: Politics and society of individual countries, regional developments and international politics towards the region.
Last Update May 2015

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Max Mutschler
Arms Control in Space

Exploring Conditions for Preventive Arms Control

Henriette Rytz
Ethnic Interest Groups in US Foreign Policy-Making

A Cuban-American Story of Success and Failure