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Volker Perthes

Europeans should negotiate with Iran without the US

After Donald Trump's breach of the nuclear agreement with Iran, Germany, France and Great Britain should negotiate a comprehensive security framework with Iran based on the existing agreement, says Volker Perthes.

Point of View, Mai 2018
Günther Maihold

Colombia’s Peace and Venezuela’s Turmoil

An Emerging Regional Crisis Landscape in South America

SWP Comment 2018/C 12, März 2018, 7 Seiten
Volker Perthes

President Trump and International Relations

America’s new president has the potential to thoroughly shake up international relations. Volker Perthes lays out five theses that researchers and policymakers will need to address.

Point of View, November 2016
Kai-Olaf Lang, Barbara Lippert

EU Options on Russia and the Eastern Partners

“Cooperative Confrontation” as the Guiding Principle beyond the Riga Summit

SWP Comment 2015/C 32, Mai 2015, 7 Seiten
Volker Perthes

Three years of conflict in Syria: No proxy war, no solution without society

Keeping the Syrian state intact entails powersharing among all its constituent groups. The Geneva process should, therefore, be complemented by a consultative gathering of respected citizens from all Syrian regions, ethnic and confessional groups, says Volker Perthes.

Point of View, März 2014
Volker Perthes

The Coup D’état in Egypt

After Morsi's ouster, German and European politicians should appeal for Egypt to hold parliamentary elections as early as possible and to make sure that all actors in the political spectrum get a fair chance, says Volker Perthes.

Point of View, Juli 2013
Stormy-Annika Mildner, Claudia Schmucker

Trade Agreement with Side-Effects?

European Union and United States to Negotiate Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

SWP Comment 2013/C 18, Juni 2013, 7 Seiten
Sabine Mair, Stormy-Annika Mildner

Shoulder-to-Shoulder for Open Markets and Investor Protection

Transatlantic Principles for International Investment

SWP Comment 2013/C 17, Juni 2013, 7 Seiten
Hanns Günther Hilpert, Stormy-Annika Mildner (Hg.)

Fragmentation or Cooperation in Global Resource Governance?

A Comparative Analysis of the Raw Materials Strategies of the G20

SWP Research Paper 2013/RP 01, März 2013, 204 Seiten
Stormy-Annika Mildner, Brittany Sammon

Running against the Economy

U.S. President Barack Obama’s Re-Election Prospects

SWP Comment 2012/C 22, Juli 2012, 4 Seiten
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Nicolai von Ondarza
Tanz auf der Brexit-Klippe

Der Schlüssel zur Einigung bei den Austrittsverhandlungen liegt in der britischen Innenpolitik

Muriel Asseburg, Markus Kaim
Ein deutscher Militäreinsatz in Syrien

Politische Ziele, Umsetzbarkeit, rechtliche Voraussetzungen, Effekte