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Hanns Maull (Hg.)

The Rise and Decline of the Post-Cold War Order

Oxford University Press, Oxford, November 2018, 386 pages
Volker Perthes

Sustaining Europe’s Security Trio

Credible joint initiatives by France, Germany, and the UK will have a greater international impact than a common European position emanating from a debate in the EU’s Political and Security Committee. Fostering deeper collaboration among the EU's "big three" must therefore remain at the top of the agenda before and after Brexit.

in: Project Syndicate, 28.08.2018, (online)
Volker Perthes

Middle East: Shifting Geometry, Simmering Conflicts

in: Survival, Volume 60, May 2018, Issue 3, pp. 95-104 (SWP Preprint of an external publication)
Volker Perthes

Merkel, Macron and May: Start talking to Iran about a new deal

Now that Donald Trump has broken the Iran deal, and transatlantic ties, Germany, France and Britain should start their own initiative to negotiate a security framework with Iran, says a leading German strategy thinker.

in: Handelsblatt Global, 14.05.2018 (online)
Hanns Maull

Inner-Korean entente will not change power dynamic in China’s favor

in: MERICS Blog – European Voices on China, 26.02.2018, (online)
Sebastian Haug

Exploring ‘Constructive Engagement’: MIKTA and Global Development

An assessment of the role and position of the Mexico-Indonesia-Korea-Turkey-Australia (MIKTA) partnership in the field of global development, followed by concrete suggestions for expanding MIKTA’s engagement with UN-led processes related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

In: Rising Powers Quarterly, Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2017, pp. 61-81
Hanns Maull, Helena Largarda

Kim Jong-un is his own worst enemy

in: MERICS Blog – European Voices on China, 23.08.2017 (Chapter: “Korean Peninsula”), (online)
Volker Perthes

No Order, No Hegemon

The Middle East in flux

in: Security Times, February 2017, p. 17 (online)
Barbara Lippert

The Nexus between Enlargement and Differentiation

Rom: Istituto Affari Internazionali, 2017 (Project EU60: Re-founding Europe. The Responsibility to propose)
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Evita Schmieg
EU und Afrika: Investitionen, Handel, Entwicklung

Was ein Cotonou-Folgeabkommen mit den AKP-Staaten leisten kann

Steffen Angenendt, Anne Koch
Der Globale Migrationspakt im Kreuzfeuer

Trifft die Kritik zu?