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Volker Perthes

No Order, No Hegemon

The Middle East in flux

in: Security Times, February 2017, p. 17 (online)
Barbara Lippert

The Nexus between Enlargement and Differentiation

Rom: Istituto Affari Internazionali, 2017 (Project EU60: Re-founding Europe. The Responsibility to propose)
Volker Perthes

On the Sidelines no more

Two years into Germany’s “new” foreign policy

in: The Security Times, February 2016, p. 14 (online)
Volker Perthes

The Limits of German Power

in: Project Syndicate, 05.02.2016, (online)
Volker Perthes

After the Iran Deal

in: Project Syndicate, 14.07.2015, (online)
Volker Perthes

The Geopolitical Situation in the Middle East: Between terror and the dissolution of order

Indifferent superpowers and old rivalries: The megatrend in today's Middle East is the dissolution of a regional order.

in:, 30.03.2015, (online)
Soli Özel, Volker Perthes

Erdoğan Doesn't Speak for All Turks

Germany needs to recognize Turkey as a worthwhile ally – and realize there are more political players there than President Erdoğan.

in: Handelsblatt Global Edition, 12.02.2015, pp. 60-62
Markus Kaim, Volker Perthes

Letter From Berlin

Beginning this week, Strategic Europe launches a new series devoted to explaining the foreign and security policy ambitions of the 28 EU member states. We have asked our contributors from each capital to give a candid assessment of their country’s perception of security and strategy, with a ranking on a scale from zero (the laggards) to five (the ambitious). To kick off the series, this week the spotlight is on Germany.

in: Carnegie Europe, Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe, 09.01.2015 (online)
Volker Perthes

A totalitarian, expansive and hegemonic project

Are we underestimating the scope of Islamic State (IS) by referring to it as a "terrorist militia"? IS raises taxes, recruits soldiers, pays officials and is keeping oil wells in operation.

in:, 07.10.2014, (online)
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Bettina Rudloff
Handeln für eine bessere EU-Handelspolitik

Mehr Legitimierung, Beteiligung und Transparenz

Marianne Beisheim, Anne Ellersiek
Partnerschaften im Dienst der Agenda 2030 für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Transformativ, inklusiv und verantwortlich?