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Mehmet Yegin

Turkey's Reaction to the Coup in Egypt in Comparison with the US and Israel

in: Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, July 2016, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 407-421
T. Deniz Erkmen

Turkey’s cautionary tale

The case of Academics for Peace in Turkey shows us academics trapped between authoritarianism and precarity, and why international solidarity has become crucial.

in:, 04.07.2016
Siddharth Tripathi

Review of Christine Kaddous: "The European Union in International Organisations and Global Governance; Recent Developments"

in: Academic Council of the United Nations System (ACUNS),, 19.07.2016 (online)
Siddharth Tripathi

Review of Cvete Koneska: "After Ethnic Conflict: Policy Making in Post-Conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia"

in: E-International Relations,, 18.08.2016 (online)
Siddharth Tripathi

EUPOL Afghanistan: What can the EU Learn?

in: Atlantic-Community.Org, 14.03.2016 (online)
Janosch Kullenberg

Community Liaison Assistants: a bridge between peacekeepers and local populations

In: Forced Migration Review, no. 53, October 2016, p. 44 - 47.
Roderick Parkes

People on the move. The new global (dis)order

in: European Union Institute for Security Studies (ed.), Chaillot Papers 138, June 2016
Monika Sus, Franziska Pfeifer (Hg.), Isabelle Werenfels, Julia Simon

Camp nationalism

in: European Union in the world 2025: Scenarios for EU relations with its neighbours and strategic partners, pp. 53-56, May 2016
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