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Azadeh Zamirirad

Russia Replaces the United States as Iraq’s Security Partner

in: Sabine Fischer, Margarete Klein (Hg.)
Conceivable Surprises

Eleven Possible Turns in Russia’s Foreign Policy

Contributions to Research Papers 2016/RP 10, Oktober 2016, 78 Seiten, S. 35-39
T. Deniz Erkmen

Turkey’s cautionary tale

The case of Academics for Peace in Turkey shows us academics trapped between authoritarianism and precarity, and why international solidarity has become crucial.

in:, 04.07.2016
Günter Seufert, Cem Sey

Turkey in Afghanistan

A Successful Stakeholder, But a Difficult Partner

SWP Comment 2016/C 28, Mai 2016, 4 Seiten
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