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Michael Holtje, Ronja Kempin

The EU in Afghanistan

What Role after NATO’s Withdrawal?

SWP Comment 2013/C 38, Dezember 2013, 4 Seiten
Thomas A. Walsh, Brian Hensarling, Adam Jarosz, Matthew Kroenig, Marco Overhaus, Zornitsa Stoyanova

The Future of Transatlantic Security Cooperation after 2014

Perspectives for the North Atlantic Alliance beyond Afghanistan

Working Paper FG 04, 2013/Nr. 1, Oktober 2013, 8 Seiten
Stefan Krümpelmann, Claudia Major

Enter the European Institute of Peace: Competing with or strengthening the European Union?

Working Paper FG03-WP No 2 May 2013 Berlin , 8 Seiten
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