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Maria Morgunova, Andrey Tsunevskiy

Ресурсы Арктики

in: Российский Совет по Международным Делам, Том 2, Москва: Аспект Пресс, 2013, pp. 158-175
Sinem Adar

Ambiguities of Democratization: Nationalism, Religion, and Ethnicity Under AKP Government in Turkey

in: Julian Go (ed.), Political Power and Social Theory, Vol.25 (Decentering Social Theory), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2013, p. 3-36.
Verena Zoppei

From Apartheid to 2020: the Evolution of Organized Criminal Networks in South Africa

in: R. Schönenberg (ed.): Transnational Organized Crime. Analyses of a Global Challenge to Democracy, Berlin: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Transcript Verlag, 2013, S.145-148
Aliendheasja Fawila, Felix Mallin, Thomas van der Klugt

Governing social and environmental transformation in coastal megacities: Jakarta Case Study

In: Pelling, Mark, Blackburn, Sophie (eds.): Megacities and the Coast: Risk, Resilience and Transformation, Routledge, Oxford, 2013, pp. 201-205
Dana Alexandra Scherle

Power struggle between old friends in Turkey

in: Deutsche Welle, 24.12.2013, (online)
Claudia Major, Christian Mölling, Alicia von Voß

The State of Defence Cooperation in Europe

Working Paper, FG 03-WP No 3, December 2013, 14 pages
Wibke Hansen, Judith Vorrath

Atlantic Basin Countries and Organized Crime: Paradigms, Policies, Priorities

Atlantic Basin Working Paper, Center for Transatlantic Relations, 2013
Anne Koch

The Politics and Discourse of Return

The Role of UNHCR and IOM in the International Governance of Return

in: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2014, Vol. 40 (6), pp. 905-923
Carlos Domínguez

Including Security in the Post 2015 Development Goals

Germany Could Play an Active Role

SWP Comment 2013/C 39, Dezember 2013, 8 Seiten
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