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Hannes Adomeit, Anders Åslund

Russia versus the United States and Europe - or "Strategic Triangle"?

Developments in Russian Domestic and Foreign Policy, Western Responses, and Prospects for Policy Coordination (TFPD Project Paper)

Working Paper, Oktober 2005, 95 Seiten
Johannes Thimm

What Really Matters in Transatlantic Relations

Working Paper 2005/No. 03, September 2005, 9 Seiten
Bates Gill, Gudrun Wacker

China's Rise

Diverging U.S. - EU Perceptions and Approaches (TFPD project paper)

Working Paper, August 2005, 66 Seiten
Benjamin Schreer, Eugene Whitlock

Divergent Perspectives on Military Transformation

Working Paper, Juni 2005, 62 Seiten
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