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Isabelle Werenfels

Between Integration and Repression

Government responses to Islamism in the Maghreb

SWP Research Paper 2005/S 39, Dezember 2005, 33 Seiten
Günther Maihold, Claudia Zilla

Latin American Shadowboxing?

FTAA Delays and Challenges for Europe

SWP Comment 2005/C 54, Dezember 2005, 7 Seiten
Muriel Asseburg

"Barcelona Plus 10"

No Breakthrough in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

SWP Comment 2005/C 55, Dezember 2005, 8 Seiten
Guido Steinberg

The Amman Suicide Bombings

On the Strategy of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

SWP Comment 2005/C 51, Dezember 2005, 4 Seiten
Marco Overhaus

Civilian Power under Stress: Germany, NATO, and the European Security and Defense Policy

in: Maull, Hanns W. (ed.), Germany's Uncertain Power. Foreign Policy of the Berlin Republic, Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006, pp. 66-78
Andreas Maurer (Hg.)

Le Role des Parlements: Controle et Influence sur la Politique Commerciale

Analyse Comparative

Etude pour le Parlement européen sous Contrat No. EP/ExPol/B/2005/09, Parlement européen, DG Relations Exterieures de l’Union, Bruxelles, Decembre 2005, Doc. No. PE 370-166v01-00 / DV|603690FR.doc; 74 pages
Andreas Maurer (Hg.)

The Role of Parliaments in Scrutinising and Influencing Trade Policy

A Comparative Analysis

Study for the European Parliament under Contract No. EP/ExPol/B/2005/09, European Parliament, DG for External Relations of the Union, Brussels, December 2005, Doc. No. PE 370-166v01-00 / DV|603690EN.doc; 70 pages
Andreas Maurer

A Formal Outsider Becomes an Effective Player: The European Parliament in the Negotiation of the Treaty of Amsterdam and the Constitutional Treaty

in: Beach, Derek; Mazzucelli, Colette (eds.) Leadership in the Big Bangs of European Integration Houndmills, Basingstoke/New York, Palgrave-Macmillan 2006
Andreas Maurer

How does the Council work (or not)?

in: Guillaume Durand (ed.) After the annus horribilis: a review of the EU institutions European Policy Centre, Working paper Nr. 22, Brussels, 2006
Kenneth B. Moss

Constitutions, Military Force, and Implications for German American Relations

SWP Comment 2005/C 56, Dezember 2005, 5 Seiten
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