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Robert Strötgen

Meta-Data Extraction and Query Translation

Treatment of Semantic Heterogeneity

In: Agosti, Maristella; Thanos, Costantino (Hrsg.): Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries: 6th European Conference, ECDL 2002, Rome, Italy, September 16-18, 2002; Proceedings. Berlin et al.: Springer 2002 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; 2458), S. 362-373
Klaus Larres

Churchill’s Cold War: The Politics of Personal Diplomacy

Yale University Press, 2002
Gudrun Wacker

The Internet and Censorship in China

in: Christopher R. Hughes, Gudrun Wacker (eds.), China and the Internet Politics of the Digital Leap forward London and New York: Routledge Curzon, 2003, pp. 58-82. PDF version from 2002.
Peter Rudolf

Thrown into Crisis?

German-American Relations in a Period of Strategic Change

SWP Comment 2002/C 05, Dezember 2002, 8 Seiten
Andreas Maurer, Wolfgang Wessels

Fifteen into One. The European Union and its Member States

Manchester/New York 2003
Andreas Maurer

The Legislative Powers and Impact of the European Parliament

in: Journal of Common Market Studies, 41 (2003) 2, pp. 245-247
Andreas Maurer

Committees in the EU system

A deliberative perspective

in: Eriksen, Erik O.; Joerges, Christian; Neyer, Jürgen (eds.) European Governance, Deliberation and the Quest for Democratisation ARENA Report No. 2/03, ARENA/EUI, Oslo/Florence
Andreas Maurer

Less Bargaining - More Deliberation

The Convention Method for Enhancing EU Democracy

Contribution for International Politics and Society, Bonn/Berlin 2003
Bernt Berger, Hans J. Gießmann

Transnational Security challenges in Southeast Asia - A critical appraisal

in: S+F, 3-4/2003
Claudia Zilla (Hg.)

El contexto hace la diferencia

Reformas institucionales y el enfoque histórico empírico

Mexico: UNAM/TRIFE 2003
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