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Sabine Riedel

¿ Movimientos separatistas en la UE?

Cómo el separatismo se apodera del concepto de paz de Europa y pone en peligro

in: Forschungshorizonte, Politik & Kultur, 4/2019, online-paper, June 2019
Christian Wagner


in: Klaus Larres and Ruth Wittlinger (eds.), Understanding Global Politics. Actors and Themes in International Affairs, London/New York, 2020, pp. 127-140
Hanns Maull

The “Alliance for Multilateralism” by Germany and France: About Time, But It Needs To Be Serious

While multilateralist credos are emotionally no match for “America first” and other nationalist excesses, multilateralism remains the indispensable concept for managing global affairs. It is also a very demanding approach, however and needs to be taken seriously. A comment by Hanns W. Maull

Point of View, August 2019
Oliver Meier

Making the best of Europe’s dwindling options

In: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 02.08.2019 (online)
Marco Overhaus

US security commitments to NATO: Trump is just one factor among others

Obsolete, too expensive, unfair – Donald Trump has repeatedly and harshly criticised the NATO defence alliance. In a new SWP Research Paper, Marco Overhaus addresses the question of how credible the US security commitments to NATO still are and what this means for Europe. An interview with the author.

Point of View, Juli 2019
Shinichiro Asayama, Rob Bellamy, Oliver Geden, Warren Pearce, Mike Hulme

Why setting a climate deadline is dangerous

in: Nature Climate Change 9, pp. 570–572.
Can Kasapoğlu

Turkey and the Russia's Deadly S-400: The Air Defense System That Changed Everything

The S-400 stands to change everything without firing a single shot.

in:, 20.07.2019
Oliver Meier, Greg Thielmann, Andrei Zagorski

Rising from the Ashes: Securing and Expanding Past Achievements in INF Arms Control

Deep Cuts Working Paper No. 13, July 2019 (online)
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