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Anja Dahlmann, Marcel Dickow

Preventive Regulation of Autonomous Weapon Systems

Need for Action by Germany at Various Levels

SWP Research Paper 2019/RP 03, Januar 2019, 24 Seiten


Matthias Schulze

Encryption under Threat

As states across the globe weaken cyber-security, Germany should oppose the trend

SWP Comment 2017/C 31, August 2017, 4 Seiten
Nadine Godehardt, David Schulze,

China 4.0

Party and Society Debate the Digital Transformation

SWP Comment 2017/C 06, März 2017, 8 Seiten
Ben Wagner

Global Free Expression? Governing the Boundaries of Internet Content

Springer International Publishing, Heidelberg 2016
Marcel Dickow

EurasiaNet – How They Split the Internet

in: Sabine Fischer, Margarete Klein (Hg.)
Conceivable Surprises

Eleven Possible Turns in Russia’s Foreign Policy

Contributions to Research Papers 2016/RP 10, Oktober 2016, 78 Seiten, S. 43-46
Annegret Bendiek

Due Diligence in Cyberspace

Guidelines for International and European Cyber Policy and Cybersecurity Policy

SWP Research Paper 2016/RP 07, Mai 2016, 33 Seiten
Annegret Bendiek, Christoph Berlich, Tobias Metzger

Three Priorities for Cyber Diplomacy under the German OSCE Chairmanship 2016

Its OSCE Chairmanship 2016 is a chance for Germany to extend cyber diplomacy beyond its politico-military dimension, argue Annegret Bendiek, Christoph Berlich and Tobias Metzger.

Point of View, November 2015
Annegret Bendiek, Christoph Berlich, Tobias Metzger

The European Union’s Digital Assertiveness

SWP Comment 2015/C 43, September 2015, 8 Seiten
Annegret Bendiek

Tests of Partnership

Transatlantic Cooperation in Cyber Security, Internet Governance, and Data Protection

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 05, März 2014, 29 Seiten
Johannes Thimm

Inseparable, but Not Equal

Assessing U.S.–EU Relations in the Wake of the NSA Surveillance Affair

SWP Comment 2014/C 04, Januar 2014, 4 Seiten
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