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Omar Shaban

Unlocking the Gaza Strip’s Economic Potential and Fostering Political Stability

Europeans Should Seize the Opportunity of the Rapprochement between Fatah and Hamas

SWP Comment 2017/C 42, Oktober 2017, 8 Seiten
Khaled Yacoub Oweis

Local Dynamics in the Syrian Conflict

Homegrown Links in Rebel Areas Blunt Jihadist Ascendency

SWP Comment 2016/C 34, Juli 2016, 8 Seiten
Muriel Asseburg, Jan Busse

The End of a Two-State Settlement?

Alternatives and Priorities for Settling the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

SWP Comment 2016/C 24, April 2016, 8 Seiten
Denis M. Tull

United Nations Peacekeeping and the Use of Force

The Intervention Brigade in Congo Is No Model for Success

SWP Comment 2016/C 20, April 2016, 4 Seiten
Lars Brozus (Hg.)

Unexpected, Unforeseen, Unplanned

Scenarios of International Foreign and Security Policy. Foresight Contributions 2015

SWP Research Paper 2016/RP 01, Januar 2016, 56 Seiten
Lars Brozus (Hg.)

Unerwartet, überraschend, ungeplant

Zugespitzte Situationen in der internationalen Politik – Foresight-Beiträge 2015

SWP-Studie 2015/S 20, November 2015, 60 Seiten
Guido Steinberg

A German Strategy for Syria

A new strategy on Syria is a matter of urgency, given the magnitude of the Syrian refugee exodus and the terrorist threat ISIS poses to Europe. Guido Steinberg identifies the three aspects Germany should concentrate on.

Point of View, Oktober 2015
Philipp Münch

Resolute Support – Afghanistan-Mission unter falschen Vorzeichen

Die NATO geht davon aus, dass die Defizite in den Afghanischen Nationalen Sicherheitskräften vor allem technischer Natur sind. Weil diese Annahme grundlegend falsch ist, ist ein Erfolg der Resolute Support Mission unwahrscheinlich.

Kurz gesagt, Januar 2015
Heiko Wimmen

Divisive Rule

Sectarianism and Power Maintenance in the Arab Spring: Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria

SWP Research Paper 2014/RP 04, März 2014, 31 Seiten
Dina Bishara

Labor Movements in Tunisia and Egypt

Drivers vs. Objects of Change in Transition from Authoritarian Rule

SWP Comment 2014/C 01, Januar 2014, 8 Seiten
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