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Oliver Meier

Russia Withdraws from Nuclear Arms Control

in: Sabine Fischer, Margarete Klein (Hg.)
Conceivable Surprises

Eleven Possible Turns in Russia’s Foreign Policy

Contributions to Research Papers 2016/RP 10, Oktober 2016, 78 Seiten, S. 47-51
Klemens Büscher

Republik Moldau: EU-Assoziierung im Schatten der Ukraine-Krise

SWP-Aktuell 2014/A 48, Juli 2014, 4 Seiten
Günter Seufert

Turkey's Cyprus Policy in the Context of Nicosia's Presidency of the European Council

Turkey Intensifies Its Efforts to Create International Legitimation for the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, to Date Recognised Only by Ankara

SWP Comment 2012/C 34, Oktober 2012, 8 Seiten
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