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Aaron Cosbey, Susanne Dröge, Carolyn Fischer, Clayton Munnings

Developing Guidance for Implementing Border Carbon Adjustments: Lessons, Cautions, and Research Needs from the Literature

in: Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, Volume 13, Issue 1, 1 February 2019, Pages 3–22
Kasturi Das, Harro van Asselt, Susanne Dröge, Michael Mehling

Making the International Trade System Work for Climate Change: Assessing the Options

in: Report, Climate Strategies, July 2018 (online)
Michael Mehling, Harro van Asselt, Kasturi Das, Susanne Dröge

Beat protectionism and emissions at a stroke

in: Nature 559, 321-324, 16.07.2018 (online)
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