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Maria Pastukhova

Russland als Partner in der multipolaren Energiepolitik

in: Religion und Gesellschaft in Ost und West, 4-5/2018, April 2018, 34-38
David Ramin Jalilvand, Kirsten Westphal (Hg.)

The Political and Economic Challenges of Energy in the Middle East and North Africa

in: Routledge Global Governance, Routledge, 2018, 302 pages
Kirsten Westphal, Sybille Röhrkasten

The G20 and its Role in Global Energy Governance

in: Sybille Röhrkasten / Sonja Thielges / Rainer Quitzow (eds.), Sustainable Energy in the G20: Prospects for a Global Energy Transition, IASS Study, December 2016, pp. 12-18
Georgeta Auktor, Rainer Quitzow, Sybille Roehrkasten, Kirsten Westphal

Advancing an International Energy Transition Policy in North Africa and Beyond

IASS Policy Brief, September 2016, 4, 12 Seiten
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