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Susanne Dröge, Felix Schenuit

Mobilising EU trade policy for raising environmental standards: the example of climate action

in: IEEP Think2030, Policy Paper, Brussels 2018 (online)
Susanne Dröge, Felix Schenuit

EU Trade and Climate Policy Linkages

Potentials in Times of Repositioning

SWP Comment 2018/C 16, April 2018, 8 Seiten
Susanne Dröge, Harro van Asselt, Kasturi Das, Michael Mehling

Mobilising Trade Policy for Climate Action under the Paris Agreement

Options for the European Union

SWP Research Paper 2018/RP 01, Februar 2018, 34 Seiten
Zeige Ergebnisse 1 bis 3 von 3.