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Wolfram Lacher

Who’s Fighting Haftar in Tripoli?

in: Small Arms Survey, SANA, Medium Small Arms Blog, July 2019
David Kipp

Europe struggles to find common migration policy

Interview with David Kipp

In: DW News, 09.07.2019 (online).
Muriel Asseburg, Hugh Lovatt

Economic Band-Aids Won’t Bring Peace to the Middle East

In: Foreign Policy, 25.06.2019 (online)
Annette Weber

Is Sudan’s Transition Over Before It Began?

In: The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington (AGSIW), 10.06.2019 (online)
Wolfram Lacher, Frederic Wehrey

Libya’s New Civil War – and What the United States Can Do About it

In: Foreign Affairs, 30.05.2019 (online)
Sarah Charlotte Henkel

In it for the long haul

The Israeli-Palestinian peace-building community in turbulent times

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Tel Aviv, Israel, 25.05.2019
Volker Perthes

Toward European Strategic Autonomy

Far from being an abstract concept, European strategic autonomy has huge practical implications, especially in military and economic terms. Realizing this goal will make Europe more prosperous, secure, and influential in a rapidly changing world.

in: Project Syndicate, 04.04.2019 (online)
Heribert Dieter

A ‘club’ structure for European integration

in: Gateway House, Indian Council on Foreign Relations, 21. February 2019 (online)
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