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Claudia Major, Christian Mölling, Alicia von Voß

The State of Defence Cooperation in Europe

Working Paper, FG 03-WP No 3, December 2013, 14 pages
Kenichi Shimizu

Regional cooperation for financial and exchange rates stability in East Asia

Extending existing currency swap agreements without the linkage to an IMF program and creating the East Asian version of the Special Drawing Rights

Working Paper FG 7, 2013/Nr. 01, Dezember 2013, 33 Seiten
Marcel Dickow, Margriet Drent, Lennart Landman, Marco Overhaus, Dick Zandee

Deepening German-Netherlands Defence Cooperation for Europe’s Security Needs

Working Paper FG 2, 2013/Nr. 1; FG 2, 2013/Nr. 1, Januar 2013, 7 Seiten
Christian Wagner

Emerging Powers in Regional Architecture

Working Paper FG 7, 2012/Nr. 01, August 2012, 10 Seiten
Alexandra Polownikow

Die Zollunion zwischen Belarus, Kasachstan und Russland

Motive, Entwicklungen und Perspektiven

Arbeitspapier FG 5 2012/ Nr.01, Juni 2012, 43 Seiten
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