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Wolfram Lacher

Who’s Fighting Haftar in Tripoli?

in: Small Arms Survey, SANA, Medium Small Arms Blog, July 2019
Michael Mehling, Harro van Asselt, Kasturi Das, Susanne Dröge, Cleo Verkuijl

Designing border carbon adjustments for enhanced climate action

in: The American Society of International Law, Vol 113:3, July 2019, p. 433-481


David Kipp

Europe struggles to find common migration policy

Interview with David Kipp

In: DW News, 09.07.2019 (online).
Dirk Buschle, Kirsten Westphal

A Challenge to Governance in the EU: Decarbonization and Energy Security

In: European Energy Journal, Volume 8 Issue 3/4, July 2019, pp. 53-64
Daniel Voelsen, Leon Valentin Schettler

International political authority: On the meaning and scope of justified hierarchy in international relations

in: International Relations, 2019, pp. 1-23.


Oliver Geden, Susanne Dröge

The Anticipatory Governance of Solar Radiation Management

Council on Foreign Relations, Council of Councils Working Paper Series, July 2019
Daniel Voelsen, Tim Rühlig, John Seaman

5G and the US–China Tech Rivalry – a Test for Europe’s Future in the Digital Age

How Can Europe Shift from Back Foot to Front Foot?

SWP Comment 2019/C 29, Juni 2019, 8 Seiten


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