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Claudia Major, Christian Mölling

French Warships should go to Europe, not to Russia

France is confronted with a dilemma: Its arms deal with Russia jeopardizes Europe’s security. At the same time, the deal is crucial for its own arms industry. The EU could help out by buying the ships, write Claudia Major and Christian Mölling.

Point of View, Mai 2014
Marcel Dickow, Hilmar Linnenkamp, Jean-Pierre Maulny, Marcin Terlikowski

Weimar Defence Cooperation - Projects to Respond to the European Imperative

Working Paper FG 03, WP 2011/No. 06, Berlin, November 2011, 11 pages
Ronja Kempin, Jocelyn Mawdsley, Stefan Steinicke

Turning Away from CSDP?

Franco-British Bilateralism in Security and Defence Policy

SWP Comment 2010/C 30, November 2010, 4 Seiten
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