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Susanne Dröge, Oliver Geden

The EU and the Paris Climate Agreement

Ambitions, Strategic Goals, and Tactical Approaches

SWP Comment 2015/C 29, Mai 2015, 4 Seiten
Jannis Grimm

#We Are Not Charlie

Muslims’ Differentiated Reactions to the Paris Attacks, and the Dangers of Indiscriminate Finger-pointing

SWP Comment 2015/C 12, Februar 2015, 8 Seiten
Florian Wassenberg


in: Hanns Günther Hilpert, Stormy-Annika Mildner (Hg.)
Fragmentation or Cooperation in Global Resource Governance?

A Comparative Analysis of the Raw Materials Strategies of the G20

Contributions to Research Papers 2013/RP 01, März 2013, 204 Seiten, S. 67-72
Daniela Schwarzer

The French Tug-of-War over the EU Constitution

Domestic Conflicts Jeopardize Ratification of the Treaty

SWP Comment 2004/C 39, Dezember 2004, 7 Seiten
Hanns Maull

The “Alliance for Multilateralism” by Germany and France: About Time, But It Needs To Be Serious

While multilateralist credos are emotionally no match for “America first” and other nationalist excesses, multilateralism remains the indispensable concept for managing global affairs. It is also a very demanding approach, however and needs to be taken seriously. A comment by Hanns W. Maull

Point of View, August 2019
Claudia Major, Christian Mölling

French Warships should go to Europe, not to Russia

France is confronted with a dilemma: Its arms deal with Russia jeopardizes Europe’s security. At the same time, the deal is crucial for its own arms industry. The EU could help out by buying the ships, write Claudia Major and Christian Mölling.

Point of View, Mai 2014
Kai-Olaf Lang, Daniela Schwarzer

Consolidating the Weimar Triangle

European Policy Functions of German-Polish-French Co-operation

SWP Comment 2011/C 30, Oktober 2011, 8 Seiten
Claudia Major, Elisabeth Schöndorf

Comprehensive Approaches to Crisis Management

Complex Crises Require Effective Coordination and Political Leadership

SWP Comment 2011/C 23, September 2011, 8 Seiten
Ronja Kempin, Nicolai von Ondarza

CSDP on the Brink

The Importance of Bringing France and the United Kingdom Back In

SWP Comment 2011/C 13, Mai 2011, 4 Seiten
Daniela Schwarzer

Lessons from the Failed Constitutional Referenda

The European Union Needs to be Politicized

SWP Comment 2005/C 25, Juni 2005, 4 Seiten
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