Taiwan 2nd Track

The 14th Conference on

China – EU Relations and the Taiwan Question

A workshop jointly organised by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs/Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Berlin and the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), Shanghai. With friendly support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (Shanghai Office).

October 19 – 21, 2017, Shanghai


Thursday, October 19, 2017
Before 17:00 Arrival of participants
18:00 Dinner hosted by FES
Friday, October 20, 2017
9:00–9:15 Opening Session
Moderator: SHAO Yuqun
Opening remarks:
  1. YAN Anlin, Vice President, SIIS
  2. Gudrun WACKER, Senior Associate of Asia Division, SWP
  3. Stefan PANTEKOEK, Resident Director, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Shanghai Representative Office
  4. WANG Lixin, Deputy Director, Taiwan Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal Government
9:15–9:45 Keynote Speech
Prof. YANG Jiemian, Chairman of Academic Affairs Council, SIIS
9:45–10:00 Group Photo
10:00–10:15 Tea Break
10:15–12:00 Session 1. The OBOR Initiative and China-EU Relations
Moderator: Stefan PANTEKOEK
  1. CUI Hongjian, Director of the Department for European Studies, CIIS
  2. Gudrun WACKER, Senior Associate of Asia Division, SWP »EU-China Relations in the Era of Donald Trump«
  3. YE Jiang, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Global Governance Studies, SIIS
  4. ZHANG Yinghong, Director, Centre for European Studies, SIIS
  5. Saša ISTENIČ, Assistant Professor of Department of Asian and African Studies, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia »China-CEE Relations in the 16+1 Format and Implications for Taiwan«
Free Discussion
12:00 Working Lunch
14:00–15:00 Session 2. The Chinese Mainland's Policy towards Taiwan
Moderator: YU Xintian
  1. ZHOU Zhihuai, Distinguished Visiting Senior Fellow, SIIS
  2. Jean-Pierre CABESTAN, Professor & Head, Department of Government and International Studies, Faculty of Social Science, HKBU Cross Strait Multiple Interactions in an Era of No High-level Contacts«
  3. SHAN Yuli, Director, Institute of Contemporary Taiwan Studies, Fujian Academy of Social Sciences
  4. Mathieu DUCHATEL, Deputy Director, Senior Fellow, Asia and China Program, European Council on Foreign Relations »Risk avoidance in Taiwan’s cross-strait policy under the presidency of Tsai Ying-wen«
  5. HU Lingwei, Deputy Director, Shanghai Institute for East Asian Studies
Free Discussion
15:00–15:15 Tea Break
15:15–16:15 Session 3. The Changing Political Situation in Taiwan
Moderator: ZHOU Zhihuai
  1. Hermann HALBEISEN, Professor of Research Institute for Political Science and European Affairs, University of Cologne
  2. ZHANG Wensheng, Director of Center for Politics, Institute of Taiwan Studies, Xiamen University
  3. NI Yongjie, Executive Deputy Director, Shanghai Institute of Taiwan Studies
  4. YANG Jinghua, Research Fellow, Institute of Taiwan Studies, CASS
Free Discussion
16:15–17:15 Session 4. External Policy under the Tsai Ing-wen Administration
Moderator: Mathieu DUCHATEL
  1. XU Mingqi, Senior Research Fellow, International Economics Studies Center, SASS
  2. Christopher R. HUGHES, Professor, London School aof Economics and Political Science »Taiwan and the EU Facing the Challenge of BREXIT«
  3. LIN Gang, Director, Center for Taiwan Studies, Shanghai Jiaotong University
  4. SHAO Yuqun, Director, Institute for Taiwan, HK and Macau Studies, SIIS
  5. TONG Liqun, Associate Researcher, Institute for Taiwan, HK and Macau Studies, SIIS
Free Discussion
17:30 Dinner hosted by SIIS
Saturday, October 21, 2017
9:00–10:30 Session 5. Policy Recommendations for the China-EU Relations and Cross-Strait Relationship
Moderator: Christopher R. HUGHES
  1. JIANG Shixue, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of European Studies, CASS
  2. YU Xintian, Director, Advisory Committee, SIIS
  3. BAO Chengke, Deputy Director, Research Institute of Cross-Strait Exchanges and Development, ECNU
Free Discussion
10:30–10:45 Tea Break
10:45–12:00 Closing Session
Moderator: SHAO Yuqun
Closing Remarks:
  1. Gudrun WACKER
  2. YAN Anlin
12:00 Working Lunch



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