Taiwan 2nd Track

Group photo of Taiwan 2nd Track: The 12th Annual Conference on The Taiwan Issue in China-Europe Relation, September 20-22, 2015, in Shanghai

The 12th Annual Conference on

»The Taiwan Issue in China-Europe Relations«

A workshop jointly organized by the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Shanghai, China.

September 20 - 22, 2015, Shanghai


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Prior to 18:00

Check-in at Hengshan Hotel (534 Hengshan Road)


Welcome Dinner hosted by SIIS (Venue: Hengshan Hotel 14th floor)

Monday, September 21, 2015
Venue: Hengshan Hotel


Opening Session
Moderator: YAN Anlin
Opening remarks:
CHEN Dongxiao
Gudrun Wacker
Catrina Schläger
LI Wenhui


Session I: The “Belt and Road” Initiative & New Trends of Sino-EU Relations
Moderator: Catrina Schläger
Keynote speakers:
JIANG Shixue »Europe and China’s One-Belt-One-Road Initiative«
Gudrun Wacker »New Developments in EU-China Relations«
YE Jiang »EU and China-Europe Relations Perceived from EU Member States’ Accession to AIIB«
ZHANG Yinghong »The New Engine for China-EU Cooperation: Cooperation on Economic and Technology Parks between China and CEECs: The Case on China-Poland Cooperation on SEZs«
HUANG Jing »The Prospect of Sino-European Cooperation on China’s One-Belt-One-Road Initiative«
(10 to 12 minutes for each speaker)

Free discussion
(5 minutes for each discussant)


Tea Break


Session II: Changing Political Dynamics & Taiwan’s Two Elections in 2016
Moderator: JIANG Shixue
Keynote speakers:
XIN Qiang
Jonathan Sullivan »Taiwan's 9-in-1 local elections: Implications for 2016«
Hermann Halbeisen
Christopher R. Hughes »Identity politics under the Ma administration«
NI Yongjie
Free discussion


Working Lunch (Buffet Restaurant at Hengshan Hotel)


Session III: Chinese Mainland’s Taiwan Policy
Moderator:Christopher R. Hughes
Keynote speakers:
XU Shiquan
Sasa Istenic »Taiwan's exclusion from Interpol and implications for global security«
HU Lingwei
XIU Chunping »Peaceful Development of Cross-strait Relations and Consolidation and Replenishing of the One-China Framework«
ZHANG Wensheng »Study on the Tendency of Politicization of Taiwan’s Social Movements«
Free discussion


Tea Break


Session IV: Q&A with Special Guest from TAO
Moderator: YANG Jian
Free discussion


Group Photo


Dinner hosted by FES (Fenyang Garden Boutique Hotel, No. 45 Fenyang Road Shanghai)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Session V: Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations: Progress and Prospects
Moderator: XIU Chunping
Keynote speakers:
SHAN Yuli »An Analysis of the Situation of Economic and Trade Cooperation in the Peaceful Development of Cross-Straits Relations«
NI Yongjie »Retrospect and Prospects of Cross-Strait Political Relations«
HU Lingwei »New Characteristics of Future Cross-Straits Relations and New Challenges«
Jean-Pierre Cabestan »The Democratic Progressive Party’s New China Policy and Taiwan’s Changing Geo-Strategic Environment«
YAN Anlin »Cross-Straits Relations after Taiwan’s “Nine-in-One” Election and Future Trends«
Free discussion


Tea Break


Session VI: Policy Recommendations for Sino-EU Relations and Cross-Strait Relations
Moderator: YAN Anlin
Keynote speakers:
YE Jiang
Christopher R. Hughes
XIU Chunping
Jonathan Sullivan
XU Shiquan


Closing Session
Moderator: YAN Anlin
Closing remarks:
Gudrun Wacker
YANG Jiemian


Working Lunch (Buffet Restaurant at Hengshan Hotel)



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