Taiwan 2nd Track

Taiwan 2nd Tack Dialogue - Group Photo - Participants of the 11th Symposium on »The Taiwan Issue in China-Europe Relations« - 2014

The 11th Annual Conference on

»The Taiwan Issue in China-Europe Relations«

A workshop jointly organized by the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) and the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP). With friendly support of the Europe China Research and Advice Network (ECRAN).

September 14—16, 2014, Shanghai

Sunday, September 14


Arrival of Participants


Welcome Dinner hosted by SIIS

Monday, September 15


Opening Remarks

Moderator: Yan Anlin (SIIS)
Remarks: Chen Dongxiao (SIIS) and Gudrun Wacker (SWP)


Session One: New Developments and Trends of the International and European Situation

Moderator: Gudrun Wacker
Keynote Speakers:
Jiang Shixue, »How to Further Improve China-Europe Relations«
Kerry Brown
Ding Chun, »Status Quo, Causes and Prospects of the European Economy in the Post-Crisis Era«
Free Discussion


Coffee Break and Group Photo


Session Two: New Features and Trends of China-Europe Relations

Moderator: Jiang Shixue
Keynote Speakers:
Gudrun Wacker, »What's New in EU-China Relations?«
Feng Zhongping, »China-EU Relations in the Context of the Ukraine Crisis«
Zhang Yinghong, »Review of the China-EU Relations«
Free Discussion


Working Lunch


Session Three: Mainland China's Taiwan Policy and Taiwan's Mainland Policy

Moderator: Xu Shiquan
Keynote Speakers:
Zhu Weidong, »Seeking Development Mode of Cross-Strait Relations«
Yu Xintian, »Calmly Overcoming Challenges and Peristently Promoting Development: New Developments and Trends in Mainland's Taiwan Policies«
Saša Istenic, »In Search for More Sun: Taiwan's International Space«
Guo Jianqing, »Tsai Ing-wen's Policies after Re-election as DPP Chief«
Free Discussion


Discussion with Mr. Dun Shixin, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council


Coffee Break


Session Four: New Trends in Cross-Strait Relations: Progress and Challenges

Moderator: Hermann Halbeisen
Keynote Speakers:
Xu Shiquan, »Sunflower Movement and Cross-Strait Relations«
Mathieu Duchâtel, »The impact of the Sunflower Movement on Cross-Strait Relations«
Yan Anlin, »Progress and Prospects of Development of Peaceful Cross-Strait Relations«
Jean-Pierre Cabestan, »Recent Changes in Taiwan's Defense Policy and Taiwan-US Relations«
Free Discussion


Dinner hosted by Mr. Yang Jian (SIIS)

Tuesday, September 16


Session Five: New Features and Changes of the Political Situation in Taiwan

Moderator: Zhu Weidong
Keynote Speakers:
Chen Xiancai, »New Features and Developments in Taiwan Politics«
Christopher Dent, »Cross Straits Economic Relations: An Overview of the Present and Looking to the Future«
Hu Lingwei, »The Sunflower Movement and the Political Status of Taiwan«
Hermann Halbeisen
Free Discussion



Coffee Break


Session Six: Policy Recommendations

Moderator: Yan Anlin
Keynote Speakers:
Feng Zhongping
Zhu Weidong
Kerry Brown, »Policy Recommendations on Cross Strait Issues«


Closing Remarks

Moderator: Yan Anlin
Speakers: Gudrun Wacker (SWP) and Yang Jiemian (SIIS)


Closing Lunch


Kai-Olaf Lang
Polens unersetzbarer Partner

Warschau vertieft den sicherheitspolitischen Bilateralismus mit den USA

Oliver Geden, Susanne Dröge
Vorausschauende Governance für Solares Strahlungsmanagement

Herausforderungen und Handlungsoptionen für die internationale Klimapolitik


Steffen Angenendt, Nadine Biehler, David Kipp, Amrei Meier
Mehr Flüchtlinge, unzureichende Finanzmittel

Wie kann der internationale Flüchtlingsschutz finanziert werden?

Marco Overhaus
Eine Frage der Glaubwürdigkeit

Konventionelle und nukleare Sicherheitszusagen der USA in Europa