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Moritz Pieper

The linchpin of Eurasia: Kazakhstan and the Eurasian economic union between Russia’s defensive regionalism and China’s new Silk Roads

in: International Politics, 11.05.2020 (online, open access)


Eduard Anaškin

Counterpublics, Attitudes, and Social Change in Authoritarian Regimes

An analysis of digital communities on Russian YouTube

Working Paper Research Division Eastern Europe and Eurasia, 2020/01, 30 Seiten


Franziska Smolnik (Hg.)

China’s „Belt and Road“ Initiative and the South Caucasus

Special Editor: Franziska Smolnik, with articles by Mariam Zabakhidze, Irakli Gabriadze, Rezo Beradze, Giorgi Khishtovani (Tbilisi); Evelina Gambino (London); Susanne Fehlings (Frankfurt am Main)

in: Caucasus Analytical Digest. Nr. 111, Ocotober 2019
William Dudley

Ukraine’s Decentralization Reform

Research Division Eastern Europe/ Eurasia, Working Paper 2019/No. 1, May 2019, 34 pages
Andrea Schmitz

Kazakhstan will continue to 'tiptoe' around China

Nursultan Nazarbayev shocked Kazakhstan on Tuesday with his resignation after nearly three decades in power. Central Asia expert Andrea Schmitz explains what the move could mean for Kazakh-China ties.

in: Deutsche Welle, Interview by Nicole Ng, 21.03.2019
Moritz Pieper

‘Rising Power’ Status and the Evolution of International Order: Conceptualising Russia’s Syria Policies

in: Europe-Asia Studies, 71:3, pp. 365-387


Moritz Pieper

China’s Silk Road is laying ground for a new Eurasian order

in: The Conversation, 9. November 2018 (online)
Moritz Pieper

Russkiy Mir: The Geopolitics of Russian Compatriots Abroad

in: Geopolitics, 25. Mai 2018 (online)


Moritz Pieper

Russia’s decision to withdraw from Syria isn’t about how to leave, but how to stay

in: The Conversation, 15. Dezember 2017 (online)
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