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Gudrun Wacker

Judy Asks: Is China Devouring Europe?

in: Carnegie Europe, Judy Dempsey’s Strategic Europe, 28.03.2019 (online).
Alexandra Sakaki, Junya Nishino

Japan's South Korea predicament

in: International Affairs 94 (4), 6 July 2018, p. 735–754
Niels Hegewisch

The Ulaanbaatar Dialogue – a “Helsinki” for peace in Northeast Asia?

in:, 26.06.2018 (online)
Anny Boc

North Korea and China, Friends Again?

How economic engagement with North Korea serves China’s broader strategy in Northeast Asia.

in: The Diplomat, China Power, 07.06.2018 (online)
Christian Wagner

The Impact of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on India-Pakistan Relations

in: Jagannath P. Panda, Titli Basu (Hg.) China-India-Japan in the Indo-Pacific, Ideas, Interests and Infrastructure, PENTAGON PRESS, New Delhi, 2018, S. 118-136
Siddharth Tripathi

Review of Cathal J. Nolan: "The Allure of Battle: A History of How Wars Have Been Won and Lost"

in: Academic Council of the United Nations System (ACUNS),, 06.03.2018 (online)
Felix Heiduk

Is Southeast Asia really in an arms race?

In: East Asia Forum, 21.02.2018 (online)
Christian Wagner

India’s Bilateral Security Relationship in South Asia

In: Strategic Analysis, Volume 42, Issue 1, January-February 2018, pp. 15-28
Christian Wagner

India and the East Asia Security Architecture

in: Stefan Fröhlich and Howard Loewen (eds.), The Changing East Asian Security Landscape, Wiesbaden: Springer, 2018, pp.105-122, 18 Seiten
Treffer 11 bis 20 von 264


Richa Arora, Christian Wagner
Indiens Ringen um die Staatsbürgerschaft

Die Modi-Regierung forciert ihre nationalistische Agenda

Eric J. Ballbach
Das »window of opportunity« in Korea schließt sich

Zum Stand der US-Nordkorea-Beziehungen und zu den Herausforderungen für die EU