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Yasmin Ghrawi, Peter Sass

The Political Reform Debate in the Middle East and North Africa

Arabic Newspapers and Journals June 2004 to February 2005

Working Paper 01, May 2005, 7 Pages
José I. Torreblanca

Farewell to Funds?

Keys to Understanding Spain's Position when Negotiating the 2007-13 EU Budget Working Paper 21/2005, Real Instituto Elcano de Estudios Internationales y Estratégicos, Madrid

Working Paper, May 2005, 23 Pages
Christine Wong

Can China Change Development Paradigm for the 21st Century?

Fiscal Policy Options for Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao after Two Decades of Muddling through

Working Paper FG 7, 2005/ 03, April 2005, 20 Pages
Gudrun Wacker

Lifting the EU arms embargo against China - U.S. and EU positions

Presentation at the 1st colloquium of the TFPD-Working Group "China's Rise", 17th February 2005, Washington, DC

Working Paper 2005/02, February 2005, 6 Pages
Andreas Rechkemmer

The Rio Earth Summit 1992 as locus classicus for postmodernity

Working Paper FG8, 2005/01, January 2005, 16 Pages
Andreas Rechkemmer

The conceptual matrix of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

Working Paper FG 8, 2005/02, January 2005, 17 Pages
Enno Harks

Europe's future oil and gas supply - north, east or south?

Working Paper FG8, 2004/01, November 2004, 6 Pages
Oliver Thränert

Ending Suspicious Nuclear Activities in Iran

Discussing the European Approach Presentation at Brandeis University, Boston, 18 November 2004

Working Paper FG 3, WP 2004/Nr.03, November 2004, 9 Pages
Muriel Asseburg

After Arafat and Before the Partial Israeli Withdrawal

How can the EU help create a new dynamic on the Israeli-Palestinian track?

Working Paper 2004/05, November 2004, 9 Pages
Iris Glosemeyer

Promoting Democracy in the Middle East

Challenges for Transatlantic Cooperation

Working Paper 2004/03, September 2004, 4 Pages
Displaying results 221 to 230 out of 252

SWP Comments

Dominic Vogel
German Armed Forces Approaching Outer Space

The Air and Space Operations Centre As a Gateway to Multi-domain Operations

Sinem Adar, Nicola Bilotta, Aurélien Denizeau, Sinan Ekim, Dorothée Schmid, Günter Seufert, Ilke Toygür, Karol Wasilewski
Customs Union: Old Instrument, New Function in EU-Turkey Relations

SWP Research Papers

Andrea Schmitz
Uzbekistan’s Transformation

Strategies and Perspectives

Muriel Asseburg
Reconstruction in Syria

Challenges and Policy Options for the EU and its Member States