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Ioannis N. Grigoriadis

Upsurge amidst Political Uncertainty

Nationalism in post-2004 Turkey

SWP Research Paper 2006/RP 11, October 2006, 20 Pages
Stefan Mair, Volker Perthes (eds.)

European Foreign and Security Policy

Challenges and Opportunities for the German EU Presidency

SWP Research Paper 2006/RP 10, October 2006, 81 Pages
Sascha Lange, Oliver Thränert

The Future of the Ban on Biological Weapons

SWP Research Paper 2006/RP 09, October 2006, 32 Pages
Jens van Scherpenberg

Integrating the Atlantic Economic Area

SWP Research Paper 2006/RP 08, October 2006, 47 Pages
Andrea Schmitz

Conditionality in Development Aid Policy

SWP Research Paper 2006/RP 07, August 2006, 27 Pages
Benedikt Zanker

The International Monetary Fund 2015

Reform Needs and Options

SWP Research Paper 2006/RP 06, June 2006, 25 Pages
Peter Rudolf

The United States and the Rise of China

The Strategy of the Bush Administration

SWP Research Paper 2006/RP 04, April 2006, 21 Pages
Frank Kupferschmidt

Putting Strategic Partnership to the Test

Cooperation Between NATO and the EU in Operation Althea

SWP Research Paper 2006/RP 03, April 2006, 29 Pages
Andreas Maurer

In Detention, Repeating the Year, or Expelled?

Perspectives for the Realisation of the Constitutional Treaty

SWP Research Paper 2006/RP 02, February 2006, 36 Pages
Displaying results 171 to 180 out of 195