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Wolf Kinzel

The African Standby Force of the African Union

Ambitious Plans, Wide Regional Disparities: An Intermediate Appraisal

SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 08, November 2008, 30 Pages
Christopher Chivvis

What Role for Germany in Iraq?

SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 07, August 2008, 19 Pages
Matthis Kaiser, Gudrun Wacker

Sustainability Chinese Style

The Concept of the "Harmonious Society"

SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 06, August 2008, 25 Pages
Isabelle Werenfels

Qadhafi's Libya

Infinitely Stable and Reform-Resistant?

SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 05, July 2008, 31 Pages
Steffen Angenendt

Irregular Migration as an International Problem

Risks and Options

SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 04, July 2008, 30 Pages
David Shambaugh, Gudrun Wacker (eds.)

American and European Relations with China

Advancing Common Agendas

SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 03, June 2008, 144 Pages
Hannes Adomeit, Frank Kupferschmidt

Russia-Nato Relations

Stagnation or Revitalization?

SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 02, May 2008, 32 Pages
Daniela Kietz, Volker Perthes (eds.)

The Potential of the Council Presidency

An Analysis of Germany's Chairmanship of the EU, 2007

SWP Research Paper 2008/RP 01, January 2008, 112 Pages
Alexander Bitter

NATO and Missile Defence

Implications for Germany before the Bucharest summit in 2008

SWP Research Paper 2007/RP 13, December 2007, 29 Pages
Muriel Asseburg, Daniel Brumberg (eds.)

The Challenge of Islamists for EU and US Policies: Conflict, Stability and Reform

Joint Publication of SWP and United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Washington, DC

SWP Research Paper 2007/RP 12, November 2007, 83 Pages
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SWP Comments

Dumitru Minzarari
The Russian Military Escalation around Ukraine’s Donbas

Risks and Scenarios for a Revised EU Policy

Franziska Smolnik, Mikheil Sarjveladze, Giorgi Tadumadze
Deadlock in Georgia

Political Crisis and Regional Changes Need an EU Response