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Benjamin Schreer

Toward Normalization of Japan's Security and Defense Policy

SWP Comment 2005/C 01, January 2005, 4 Pages
Daniela Schwarzer

The French Tug-of-War over the EU Constitution

Domestic Conflicts Jeopardize Ratification of the Treaty

SWP Comment 2004/C 39, December 2004, 7 Pages
Michael Kolkmann

A Republican Mandate?

Results and Consequences of the U.S. Congressional Elections

SWP Comment 2004/C 38, December 2004, 8 Pages
Friedemann Müller

A Tailwind for Climate Policy

SWP Comment 2004/C 37, December 2004, 4 Pages
Andreas Maurer, Sarah Reichel

The European External Action Service

Elements of a Three Phase Plan

SWP Comment 2004/C 36, December 2004, 8 Pages
Hanns Günther Hilpert

Europe Meets Asia - Asia Meets Europe

What's the Point of Interregional Dialogue and Cooperation?

SWP Comment 2004/C 35, November 2004, 8 Pages
Enno Harks

The Surge in Oil Prices

Is a New Oil Crisis Looming?

SWP Comment 2004/C 34, November 2004, 8 Pages
Heinz Kramer, Hanna-Lena Krauß

The European Commission's Report on Turkey

An Intelligent Guide

SWP Comment 2004/C 33, November 2004, 4 Pages
Kai-Olaf Lang

Pragmatic Cooperation instead of a Strategic Partnership

The Current Status and Perspectives for German-Polish Relations

SWP Comment 2004/C 32, November 2004, 8 Pages
Christian Wagner

Indo-Pakistan Relations

Problems and Prospects for a Sustained Rapprochement?

SWP Comment 2004/C 31, November 2004, 4 Pages
Displaying results 621 to 630 out of 683

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