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Ognian Hishow

Pressure from the East European Member States

Tax Burdens, Locational Competition and Reform Requirements within the EU-25

SWP Comment 2004/C 24, September 2004, 4 Pages
Peter Rudolf

The United States, Iran and Transatlantic Relations

Headed for Crisis?

SWP Comment 2004/C 23, September 2004, 8 Pages
Denis M. Tull

Congo Facing a Third War?

Possible Repercussions of the Gatumba Massacre

SWP Comment 2004/C 22, September 2004, 4 Pages
Susanne Gratius

The Referendum in Venezuela

No Solution to the Political Crisis

SWP Comment 2004/C 21, August 2004, 8 Pages
Peter Becker

Agenda 2007

The first stage of financial negotiations in Europe 2007-2013

SWP Comment 2004/C 20, August 2004, 8 Pages
Günther Maihold

Colombia: Security as the Road to Peace?

The Role of Europe and the International Community in the Colombian Conflict

SWP Comment 2004/C 19, August 2004, 8 Pages
Heribert Dieter

A Global Tax on Interest Income?

Exemptions for Foreign Investors Distort Markets

SWP Comment 2004/C 18, August 2004, 4 Pages
Volker Perthes

The European Union and Iraq

Being Concerned Demands Involvement

SWP Comment 2004/C 17, August 2004, 4 Pages
Stefan Mair

Refugees from Africa

Can a Marshall Plan Help?

SWP Comment 2004/C 16, August 2004, 4 Pages
Benjamin Schreer

The 2005 U.S. Defense Budget

In Line with Defense Transformation?

SWP Comment 2004/C 15, August 2004, 4 Pages
Displaying results 621 to 630 out of 667

SWP Research Papers

Volker Stanzel (ed.)
New Realities in Foreign Affairs: Diplomacy in the 21st Century

Volker Stanzel
Introduction: Following the Wrong Track or Walking on Stepping Stones - Which Way for Diplomacy?