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Jens van Scherpenberg

Bush's 674 Billion Plan

Stimulus for Re-Election or Building Block for Radical Tax reform?

SWP Comments 2003/C 02, February 2003, 8 Pages
Stefan Mair

Terrorism and Africa

On the Danger of Further Attacks in Sub-Saharan Africa

SWP Comments 2003/C 01, February 2003, 4 Pages
Peter Rudolf

Thrown into Crisis?

German-American Relations in a Period of Strategic Change

SWP Comments 2002/C 05, December 2002, 8 Pages
Uwe Halbach

War on the Edge of Europe

The Chechen conflict in a new light?

SWP Comments 2002/C 04, November 2002, 8 Pages
Andreas Rechkemmer

Is There A Crisis in International Environmental and Development Policy?

After the Johannesburg Summit

SWP Comments 2002/C 03, November 2002, 4 Pages
Friedemann Müller

Iraq's Oil

SWP Comments 2002/C 02, October 2002, 4 Pages
Peter Rudolf

How September 11 Changed American Foreign Policy

The Record a Year Later

SWP Comments 2002/C 01, September 2002, 7 Pages
Displaying results 601 to 607 out of 607
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SWP Research Papers

Sebastian Schiek
Movement on the Silk Road

China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative as an Incentive for Intergovernmental Cooperation and Reforms at Central Asia’s Borders

Annegret Bendiek
A Paradigm Shift in the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy: From Transformation to Resilience