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To view PDF files, you need a PDF viewer. The Adobe Acrobat reader is available for free here. Other PDF viewers can be downloaded here.

You can read the SWP publications directly on our website or download them as PDF, ePub or Mobi files. While the PDF version is particularly suitable for printing on paper and for sending as an e-mail attachment, the eBook formats ePub and Mobi are the better choice for mobile devices, especially for smartphones and of course for eBook readers. EBooks in the open ePub standard can be read on almost all common Android, Apple iOS and Windows devices with an eBook reader software. The proprietary mobi format was developed for the eBook reader "Kindle" from Amazon.

If you want to access an SWP publication on a mobile device via Facebook, you will be automatically redirected to the SWP website, but will still be within the Facebook app. This can cause problems displaying the different file formats. We therefore recommend that you open the SWP website on your mobile device directly in your standard browser (usually Chrome or Safari) and choose the ePub format, as it adapts better to the size, proportions and orientation of your display and is easier to navigate than the PDF version or the text directly on the website.