Tannas Michel, M.A.

Tannas Michel, M.A.

Research Division: Turkey/CATS
Project Manager


Since July 2019 Project Manger Centre for Applied Turkey Studies (CATS)

2018 Intercultural Trainer

2014 -2018 Equal Opportunities Officer

Since March 2017 Consultant in the Programme Local Conflict Counselling, Forum Civil Peace Service

2010 M. A. Political Science, Romance Philology and English Philology, University Kassel 

External Publications (selection):

Tannas Michel, Günter Seufert

Turkey’s failed pursuit of hegemony in the Middle East: Three periods of Turkey’s ‘independent’ foreign policy

in: Peace Report 2016, Margret Johannsen, Bruno Schoch, Max M. Mutschler, Corinna Hauswedell, Jochen Hippler (eds.), p. 73 - 88, 2016.




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