Svenja Schöneich, M.A.

Svenja Schöneich, M.A.

Research Division: Africa and Middle East


Since January 2021: Researcher Fellow, project »Transnational Governance of Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains«

2019-2020 Postdoc Research Fellow, Institute for Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Hamburg

2015-2019 PhD Fellow, German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), PhD, University of Hamburg

2015-2017 Research Assistant, project »Prior Consultation and Conflict Transformation in Resource Governance: Bolivia and Peru« at GIGA

2014-05/2015 Fellow Carlo-Schmid-Program, Transparency International, Mexico-City

Areas of Expertise:

Sustainability in global supply and value chains, copper supply chain from the Andean region to the EU, resource extraction in Latin America

SWP Publications (selection):

Günther Maihold, Melanie Müller, Christina Saulich, Svenja Schöneich

Responsibility in Supply Chains

Germany’s Due Diligence Act Is a Good Start

SWP Comment 2021/C 21, March 2021, 7 Pages


External Publications (selection):

Svenja Schöneich

Ambigüedades del Petróleo – Cambios de percepción de riesgo al nivel local por la Reforma Energética Mexicana

in: FIAR - The forum for inter-american research, 11 (3) (2018), S. 47-61

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