Susan Bergner

Susan Bergner

Research Division: Global Issues


Since 10/2019 Researcher in the project "Challenges and opportunities for German global health and development policy for achieving health-related sustainable development goals (SDGs)"

2019 Research Assistant in the Global Health project at the SWP

2017- 2018 Trainee at the Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) at the European Commission, Brussels

2015-2019 M.A. in Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin

2011-2015 B.A. in Communication and Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin

SWP Publications (selection):

Susan Bergner, Isabell Kump

Strengthening Health Systems Worldwide

A New Role for the ECDC

SWP Comment 2021/C 11, January 2021, 4 Pages


Susan Bergner, Remco van de Pas, Louise van Schaik, Maike Voss

Upholding the World Health Organization

Next Steps for the EU

SWP Comment 2020/C 47, October 2020, 8 Pages


Susan Bergner, Maike Voss

EU Global Health Policy

An Agenda for the German Council Presidency

SWP Comment 2020/C 12, March 2020, 4 Pages


External Publications (selection):

Susan Bergner

Global health architecture of the European Union

in: Silva Lauffer, Jonathan Walter (ed.): In Control. A Practical Handbook for Professionals Working in Health Emergencies Internationally, 2020, Berlin: Robert-Koch-Institute, p. 80-83.


Susan Bergner

The EU's Scope of Action in Global Health

in: stars insights, 12.05.2020 (online)
Ilona Kickbusch, Susan Bergner

Coronavirus in Europe: Who If Not Us?

Can the EU balance internal recovery with geopolitical influence and lift its gaze towards the international sphere?

in: Think Global Health, Council on Foreign Relations, 22.04.2020 (online)
Susan Bergner

The EU’s Global Health Crisis Management: Past and Present

in: E-International Relations, 17.04.2020 (online)
Ilona Kickbusch, Susan Bergner

EU: Strongly United for Health—Deeply Divided on the Economy

Lock-step solidarity during COVID-19 pandemic is challenged by policy questions within and "mask diplomacy" from abroad

in: Think Global Health, Council on Foreign Relations, 29.03.2020 (online)
Ilona Kickbusch, Susan Bergner

The Big European Shut Down

COVID-19 pandemic reflects the EU’s powerlessness to act coherently on health matters—but it also reveals a path forward

in: Think Global Health, Council on Foreign Relations, 16.03.2020 (online)

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Susan Bergner

Launch of Germany’s new global health strategy

Germany’s new global health strategy provides a solid foundation for political action, yet it lacks a forward-looking approach. There is still time to develop a policy with foresight, says Susan Bergner.

Point of View, 02.11.2020
Susan Bergner, Isabell Kump

The European Union should collect health data centrally

The calls to strengthen the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control must now be followed by action. Harmonising health data is crucial for better coordination in Europe, Isabell Kump and Susan Bergner argue.

Point of View, 25.06.2020
Susan Bergner, Nadine Godehardt, Maike Voss

Global Health Policy Is World Politics

The Covid-19 outbreak is an acid test for the international order, which was already under enormous pressure before the crisis. According to Susan Bergner, Nadine Godehardt, and Maike Voss, the political will to shape health policy globally is needed to achieve sustainable success.

Point of View, 27.04.2020

Media quotes (selection):

Ashleigh Furlong

Biden faces new global health world order

Biden is set to reverse Trump’s withdrawal from the WHO, but in the meantime, Europe has stepped up to the plate.

Mit Zitaten von Susan Bergner, in: Politico, 13.11.2020 (online)

SWP Research Papers

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Internet from Space

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Susanne Dröge
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