Stefan Wolfrum, M.A.

Stefan Wolfrum, M.A.

Research Division: Middle East and Africa
Research Assistant


Since 2016 Research Assistant in the Project »Israel and its regional and global conflicts: Domestic developments, security issues and foreign affairs«

2014-2015 Project Manager for regional cooperation at the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, Jerusalem

2014-2016 M.A. International Relations – Diplomacy and Security, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2009-2013 B.A. Hebrew Language and Culture, Arabic Language and Culture and European Studies, University of Amsterdam

SWP Publications (selection):

Stefan Wolfrum

Israel’s Contradictory Gas Export Policy

The Promotion of a Transcontinental Pipeline Contradicts the Declared Goal of Regional Cooperation

SWP Comment 2019/C 43, November 2019, 4 Pages


Peter Lintl, Stefan Wolfrum

Israel’s Nation-State Law

Netanyahu Government Lays the Foundations for a Majoritarian System

SWP Comment 2018/C 41, October 2018, 7 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Stefan Wolfrum

Tapped and Untapped Potentials

European Union Support for Transregional Energy Infrastructure Projects and the Middle East Peace Process

in: Sine Qua Non, SQN 1: Rethinking EU Foreign Policy in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, April 2020

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Stefan Wolfrum

Pipelines to swords

How Covid-19 shifted focus from energy cooperation to securitisation in the Eastern Mediterranean

in: Observer Research Foundation,, 06.06.2020 (online)

Media quotes (selection):

Sébastian Seibt

De la Jordanie à l’Europe, Israël affiche ses ambitions gazières

L’État hébreu a commencé à exporter du gaz à la Jordanie. Il va aussi en vendre à l’Égypte et veut partir à l’assaut de l’Europe. Pour Israël, il s’agit d’un objectif à la fois économique et diplomatique. Mais c’est aussi un pari risqué.

in:, 02.01.2020
Andrey Gurkov

Немецкий эксперт: газопровод EastMed из Израиля в ЕС строить не надо

Аналитик SWP призвал Евросоюз не финансировать проект поставок израильского газа через Кипр и Грецию в Италию, который стал бы частью Южного газового коридора в обход России

in: DW, 20.11.2019

SWP Comments

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Why Discussions about Sahel Policy Are Going around in Circles

Wolfram Lacher
The Great Carve-Up

Libya’s Internationalised Conflicts after Tripoli

SWP Research Papers

Gil Murciano
Unpacking the Global Campaign to Delegitimize Israel

Drawing the Line between Criticism of Israel and Denying Its Legitimacy

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A Sovereign Wealth Fund for the Prince

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