Stefan Wolfrum, M.A.

Stefan Wolfrum, M.A.

Research Division: Middle East and Africa
Research Assistant


Since 2016 Research Assistant in the Project »Israel and its regional and global conflicts: Domestic developments, security issues and foreign affairs«

2014-2015 Project Manager for regional cooperation at the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, Jerusalem

2014-2016 M.A. International Relations – Diplomacy and Security, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2009-2013 B.A. Hebrew Language and Culture, Arabic Language and Culture and European Studies, University of Amsterdam

SWP Publications (selection):

Stefan Wolfrum

Israel’s Contradictory Gas Export Policy

The Promotion of a Transcontinental Pipeline Contradicts the Declared Goal of Regional Cooperation

SWP Comment 2019/C 43, November 2019, 4 Pages


Peter Lintl, Stefan Wolfrum

Israel’s Nation-State Law

Netanyahu Government Lays the Foundations for a Majoritarian System

SWP Comment 2018/C 41, October 2018, 7 Pages

Media quotes (selection):

Andrey Gurkov

Немецкий эксперт: газопровод EastMed из Израиля в ЕС строить не надо

Аналитик SWP призвал Евросоюз не финансировать проект поставок израильского газа через Кипр и Грецию в Италию, который стал бы частью Южного газового коридора в обход России

Durchgeschriebenes Interview, in: DW, 20.11.2019

SWP Comments

Mark A. Heller
The United States and Israel: The Risk of Growing Apart

If Illiberal Democracy Prevails in Israel, the Special Relationship May Not Survive

Wolfram Lacher
International Schemes, Libyan Realities

Attempts at Appeasing Khalifa Haftar Risk Further Escalating Libya’s Civil War

SWP Research Papers

Stephan Roll
A Sovereign Wealth Fund for the Prince

Economic Reforms and Power Consolidation in Saudi Arabia

Muriel Asseburg, Wolfram Lacher, Mareike Transfeld
Mission Impossible?

UN Mediation in Libya, Syria and Yemen