Matthias Schulze, M.A.

Matthias Schulze, M.A.

Research Division: International Security


2017 Research associate at German Institute for International and Security Affairs

2012 - 2017 Research associate and Ph.D. student at International Relations Department Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena, Ph.D. thesis: From Cyber-Utopia to Cyber-War. Normative Change in Cyberspace

2015 Research Visit at Citizen Lab, University of Toronto

SWP Publications (selection):

Annegret Bendiek, Raphael Bossong, Matthias Schulze

The EU’s Revised Cybersecurity Strategy

Half-Hearted Progress on Far-Reaching Challenges

SWP Comment 2017/C 47, November 2017, 7 Pages
Matthias Schulze

Encryption under Threat

As states across the globe weaken cyber-security, Germany should oppose the trend

SWP Comment 2017/C 31, August 2017, 4 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Matthias Schulze, Florian Ries

Social Network Analysis in Inter-Organizational Relations

in: Rafael Biermann/Joachim A. Koops (eds.), Palgrave Handbook of Inter-Organizational Relations in World Politics. Palgrave (2016)
Matthias Schulze

Unsicherheit hinter dem Bildschirm

Die Versicherheitlichung des Internets

in: Susanne Fischer/Carlo Masala (Hg.), Innere Sicherheit nach 9/11. Sicherheitsbedrohungen und (immer) neue Sicherheitsmaßnahmen? VS Verlag. Wiesbaden (2016)

SWP Comments

Claudia Major, Nicolai von Ondarza
No “Global Britain” after Brexit

Leaving the EU Weakens UK Foreign and Security Policy, Closer Ties Remain in Germany’s Interest

Marcel Dickow, Daniel Jacob
The Global Debate on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

The Need for International Regulation and Opportunities for German Foreign Policy

SWP Research Papers

Oliver Meier
Non-Proliferation in Areas of Limited Statehood

The Contribution of International Regimes to Controlling Mass Destruction Capacities in War and Crisis Zones

Markus Kaim
Reforming NATO’s Partnerships