Dr. Matthias Schulze

Dr. Matthias Schulze

Research Division: International Security
Deputy Head of Research Division


2018 Transatlantic Digital Debates Fellow at German Public Policy Institute

2017 Research associate at German Institute for International and Security Affairs

2012 – 2017 PhD Thesis at FSU Jena, »From Cyber-Utopia to Cyber-War. Normative Change in Cyberspace«

2012 - 2017 Research associate and Ph.D. student at International Relations Department Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena, Ph.D. thesis: From Cyber-Utopia to Cyber-War. Normative Change in Cyberspace

2015 Research Visit at Citizen Lab, University of Toronto

Personal Website: https://percepticon.de/

SWP Publications (selection):

Matthias Schulze, Daniel Voelsen

Digital Spheres of Influence

in: Barbara Lippert, Volker Perthes (eds.)
Strategic Rivalry between United States and China

Contributions to Research Papers 2020/RP 04, April 2020, 53 Pages, S. 30-34

Matthias Schulze

Cyber Deterrence is Overrated

Analysis of the Deterrent Potential of the New US Cyber Doctrine and Lessons for Germany’s “Active Cyber Defence”

SWP Comment 2019/C 34, August 2019, 8 Pages


Annegret Bendiek, Raphael Bossong, Matthias Schulze

The EU’s Revised Cybersecurity Strategy

Half-Hearted Progress on Far-Reaching Challenges

SWP Comment 2017/C 47, November 2017, 7 Pages
Matthias Schulze

Encryption under Threat

As states across the globe weaken cyber-security, Germany should oppose the trend

SWP Comment 2017/C 31, August 2017, 4 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Matthias Schulze

Cyber in War: Assessing the Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Utility of Military Cyber Operations

In: T. Jančárková, L. Lindström, M. Signoretti, I. Tolga, G. Visky (eds.), 2020 12th International Conference on Cyber Conflict, Tallinn: NATO CCDCOE Publications, 2020
Matthias Schulze

Where Does Cyber Defense Stop and Offense Begin?

In: Moving Beyond Cyber Wars: A Transatlantic Dialogue, AICGS Policy Report 68, pp. 24-28, 2018
Matthias Schulze, Florian Ries

Social Network Analysis in Inter-Organizational Relations

in: Rafael Biermann/Joachim A. Koops (eds.), Palgrave Handbook of Inter-Organizational Relations in World Politics. Palgrave (2016)

Working Papers of the Research Division (selection):

Paul Bochtler, Matthias Schulze, Josephine Kerscher

Cyber Escalation

SWP-Working Paper, WP, Nr. 01, December 2020, 14 pages


In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

SWP Comments

Michael Paul
A New Arctic Strategy for the EU

Maritime Security and Geopolitical Signalling

Michael Paul
Greenland’s Project Independence

Ambitions and Prospects after 300 Years with the Kingdom of Denmark

SWP Research Papers

Anja Dahlmann, Marcel Dickow
Preventive Regulation of Autonomous Weapon Systems

Need for Action by Germany at Various Levels

Hanns Günther Hilpert, Oliver Meier (eds.)
Facets of the North Korea Conflict

Actors, Problems and Europe’s Interests