Galip Dalay

Galip Dalay

Research Division: Turkey/CATS


Since 2019 PhD Student in History at the University of Oxford
Since 2018  Visiting Scholar at the University of Oxford
Since 2018  Non-resident fellow at Brookings Institution, Doha Center
2017 - 2019 Guest Scholar at the Institute for Human Science (IWM) in Vienna
2015 - 2019 Research Director at Al Sharq Forum, Istanbul
2011 - 2014 Political Researcher at SETA Foundation in Ankara

Areas of Expertise:

Kurds in the Middle East, Middle East and Africa, Turkey, EU foreign policy, Minorities, Political Islam / Islamism

Turkey and Russia in the Middle East, Kurds/ Kurdish Regions, Turkey and the Gulf States

SWP Publications (selection):

Galip Dalay

Istanbul Election: Remaking of Turkey’s New Political Landscape?

SWP Comment 2019/C 31, July 2019, 8 Pages


External Publications (selection):

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Galip Dalay

After the S-400 Purchase: Where Are Turkish-Russian Relations Heading?

Turkey received delivery of its first S-400 battery from Russia in July, to the chagrin of its NATO partners. Turkish-Western relations are in flux. Galip Dalay asks: Is Turkey really turning away from the West? What factors strengthen relations with Russia?

Point of View, 03.09.2019
Galip Dalay

Why the Middle East Is Betting on China

Chinese foreign policy in the Middle East is highly transactional, focusing on energy and economics, and avoiding sensitive geopolitical issues. In a region as volatile as the Middle East, however, the question is how long such an approach can be sustained.

in:, 22.08.2019
Galip Dalay

Turkey and Russia are Bitter Frenemies

The United States doesn’t need to fear their partnership. It will crumble soon enough.

in:, 28.05.2019
Galip Dalay

The Sick Man of NATO

Though it has been a NATO member since 1952, Turkey has long been a source of friction within the larger Western defense framework, owing to its unique history, geostrategic position, and domestic politics. But by actively pursuing closer economic and security ties with Russia, Turkey is testing its allies' tolerance like never before.

in:, 05.04.2019

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SWP Comments

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Galip Dalay
Istanbul Election: Remaking of Turkey’s New Political Landscape?

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