Galip Dalay

Galip Dalay

Research Division: Turkey/CATS
IPC-Stiftung Mercator Fellow


Since 2019 PhD Student in History at the University of Oxford
Since 2018  Visiting Scholar at the University of Oxford
Since 2018  Non-resident fellow at Brookings Institution, Doha Center
2017 - 2019 Guest Scholar at the Institute for Human Science (IWM) in Vienna
2015 - 2019 Research Director at Al Sharq Forum, Istanbul
2011 - 2014 Political Researcher at SETA Foundation in Ankara

Areas of Expertise:

Kurds in the Middle East, Middle East and Africa, Turkey, EU foreign policy, Minorities, Political Islam / Islamism

Turkey and Russia in the Middle East, Kurds/ Kurdish Regions, Turkey and the Gulf States

SWP Publications (selection):

Galip Dalay

Istanbul Election: Remaking of Turkey’s New Political Landscape?

SWP Comment 2019/C 31, July 2019, 8 Pages


External Publications (selection):

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Galip Dalay

The Idlib debacle is a reality check for Turkish-Russian relations

Turkey is trying to send the message that it will not hand over an easy victory to Russia and the regime

in:, 11.02.2020
Galip Dalay

US-Iran tensions are set to widen Iraq's sectarian divide

For a time, pro-Iranian and pro-US forces operated next to each other in Iraq. That time is all but over now.

in:, 13.01.2020
Galip Dalay

After the S-400 Purchase: Where Are Turkish-Russian Relations Heading?

Turkey received delivery of its first S-400 battery from Russia in July, to the chagrin of its NATO partners. Turkish-Western relations are in flux. Galip Dalay asks: Is Turkey really turning away from the West? What factors strengthen relations with Russia?

Point of View, 03.09.2019

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