David Keseberg, M.Litt.

David Keseberg, M.Litt.

Research Division: The Americas
Research Assistant


phone:+49 30 88007-416

2018 Research Assistant, Latin America Programme, International Crisis Group, Bogotá

2016-2017 M.Litt. Peace and Conflict Studies, University of St Andrews

2015 B.A. International Cultural and Business Studies, University of Passau



Areas of Expertise:

Latin America, Peacebuilding, Human rights
Colombian peace process, violence and organised crime, rights of indigenous peoples

External Publications (selection):

Ivan Briscoe, David Keseberg

Only Connect: the Survival and Spread of Organized Crime in Latin America

Deeply entrenched over decades, organized crime has married with systemic corruption and high levels of impunity to generate multiple forms of political and economic capital across the ideological spectrum in Latin America. But recent experience gives some provisional grounds for optimism. The end point of popular disaffection with flawed democracies and illicit links between criminal groups, political elites, and the private sector need not inevitably result in an embrace of authoritarianism and/or charismatic caudillos.

in: PRISM Journal of Complex Operations, February 2019, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 114-131.

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