Dr. Annette Weber

Dr. Annette Weber

Research Division: Africa and Middle East
Senior Fellow


Since 2019 Senior Advisor Horn of Africa, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

2012-2019 Senior Advisor Berghof/ AU Mediation Sudan/ HoA

2013-2014 Head of Research Division

2010-2012 Research stay in Ethiopia

2003-2006 Coordinator for the Ecumenical Network on Central Africa (Berlin)

1999-2001 Researcher in the Eastern Africa Team, Amnesty International (London)

Areas of Expertise:

East Africa, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Civil wars, Fragile states, Jihadism, Political systems, Regional and interstate conflicts

Regional and intrastate conflicts in the Horn of Africa, questions of political order, social change, and statebuilding in fragile states.

SWP Publications (selection):

Annette Weber

Covid-19 in the Horn of Africa

Gaining Trust in a Crisis

SWP Comment 2020/C 20, May 2020, 8 Pages


Annette Weber

For a Peaceful Transition in Sudan

Current Developments and Plausible Scenarios

SWP Comment 2019/C 39, October 2019, 4 Pages


Anne Koch, Annette Weber, Isabelle Werenfels (eds.)

Profiteers of Migration?

Authoritarian States in Africa and European Migration Management

SWP Research Paper 2018/RP 04, July 2018, 74 Pages
Annette Weber

Abiy Superstar – Reformer or Revolutionary?

Hope for Transformation in Ethiopia

SWP Comment 2018/C 26, July 2018, 4 Pages
Annette Weber

Red Sea: Connecter and Divider

Disruption Waves from the Arabian Gulf to the Horn of Africa

SWP Comment 2017/C 50, November 2017, 8 Pages

External Publications (selection):

Annette Weber

Why a Feminist Standpoint Epistemology Is Necessary in Times of Hegemonic Masculinity: Thoughts on Intersectionality and Transrationality

in: Josefina Echavarría Alvarez, Daniela Ingruber and Norbert Koppensteiner (eds.) Echoes to Many Peaces: Transrational Resonances; Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, Switzerland 2018; S. 83-108.
Annette Weber


Transitions After Military Rule

in: Hans-Joachim Giessmann / Roger Mac Ginty (eds.) The Elgar Companion to Post-Conflict Transition; Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK/ Northampton, MA, USA 2018
Annette Weber

Women without arms: gendered fighter constructions in Eritrea and Southern Sudan

in: International Journal of Conflict and Violence Vol. 5, 2011, No. 2, pp. 357-370
Annette Weber

Bridging the Gap between Narrative and Practices: The Role of the Arab League in Darfur

Darfur: the responses from the Arab World

in: FRIDE, A Collection of Papers to Investigate Inter-Arab Dialogue on Policies Towards the Conflict in Darfur, March 2010, pp.5-21
Annette Weber

State building in Somalia: challenges in a zone of crisis

in: Eva-Maria Bruchhaus / M. Monika Sommer (eds.) Hot Spot Horn of Africa Revisited Approaches to Make Sense of Conflict Lit-Verlag, Münster/ Berlin 2008

In the Media/ »Point of View« (selection):

Annette Weber

Fading Hopes: Ethiopia on the Brink?

Ethiopia is facing its greatest challenge since the Abiy Ahmed transition. Abiy must end the conflict with the TPLF and stop the pogroms or the country risks implosion. As Annette Weber argues, that would have grave consequences for the entire Horn of Africa.

Point of View, 12.11.2020
Annette Weber

Sudan Conference: A Historic Opportunity

The Sudan Partnership Conference on 25 June will seek funding commitments to rebuilding Sudan’s desolate economy. As Annette Weber argues, the crucial point will be aligning financial assistance with a successful transition process.

Point of View, 23.06.2020
Bettina Rudloff, Annette Weber

Cascading of crises in East Africa

The Corona crisis joins a multitude of existing crises in East Africa. If the responses to the various challenges are not carefully coordinated, there is a blatant risk that hunger will spread in the region. An analysis by Bettina Rudloff and Annette Weber.

Point of View, 29.05.2020
Annette Weber

Is Sudan’s Transition Over Before It Began?

In: The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington (AGSIW), 10.06.2019 (online)
Annette Weber

The yellow vests of Khartoum

Protests in Sudan

In: Qantara (online), 28.01.2019

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