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Lieutenant Colonel GS Dr. Florian Schöne

Research Division:

International Security Visiting Fellow

Areas of Expertise


German armed forces (Bundeswehr), Military operations abroad, Defence and security policy / Armed forces, Military technology

Short Curriculum vitae

2018-2020 Participant of the National General/Admiral Staff Officer Course, Command and General Staff College, Hamburg. M.A. Military Leadership and International Security (MFIS), Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg

2015-2018 Leadership position as chief instructor in survival training (SERE), Special Operations Training School, Pfullendorf. Concepts and capabilities development for training and deployment of Army aviation forces at the Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre, Cologne

2004-2015 Officer training, Dipl. political and social sciences and doctorate at the University of the German Armed Forces, Munich. Training as a helicopter pilot. Position at regiment level as a pilot and staff position at the Rapid Forces Division, Stadtallendorf, in the fields of planning and international cooperation

SWP Publications