The Digitalisation – Cyber – Internet Cluster

In Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik’s »Digitalisation – Cyber – Internet« cluster various researchers of all institute’s research divisions collaborate on the following issues:

  • Digital foreign policy
  • Strategic and security aspects of the internet
  • Cyber-security and digital infrastructure
  • Digitisation of politics and society
  • Usage of digital technologies in authoritarian states
  • Law, in particular international law in cyberspace
  • Human rights in the digital age
  • Espionage and surveillance

Further information on relevant publications and authors of this cluster can be found in the Dossier: »Digitalisation – Cyber – Internet”: The Role of the Digital in International Politics«.


  • Matthias Schulze (Associate in the Research Division International Security)
  • Daniel Jacob (Associate in the Research Division Global Issues)

SWP Comments

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