International Security

The Research Division International Security examines a wide range of security issues ranging from European and transatlantic security relations to global issues such as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, arms control, the development of weapon technology and the arms industry, including defence cooperation and arms exports.


MORE - Modelling and mapping the risk of Serious and Organised Crime Infiltration in legitimate businesses across European territories and sectors (compl.)

The project identifies, maps and models the risk of serious and organised crime infiltration in legitimate business across the EU. Data and cases are collected and analysed in order to identify risk factors, to develop a risk-assessment model and to map the risk of infiltration in the 28 EU member states.


Armed Forces Dialogue

In this project, initiated in 1993 as “Ebenhausen Dialogue”, the General Inspector of the German Bundeswehr invites annually a group of high-ranking military leaders to discuss current topics of foreign and international security policy. The dialogue aims to facilitate a critical exchange of views. Temporarily there were up to three seminars: Dialogue with the Russian Federation (1993-2013), Dialogue with Russian Field Officers (2001-2009), and the ongoing Dialogue with Ukraine (since 1995).


The Future of International Order (compl.)

The process of globalization and the global shift of the centers of economic and political gravity from the North and the West to the (Far) East and the South causes fundamental changes in the international order. An interdisciplinary working group reflects on and analyzes the causes, perspectives and possible implications of those changes.


New Power New Responsibility (compl.)

Since the fall of 2012 some 50 experts on foreign and security policy have discussed key future challenges for German foreign and security policy in a series of conferences and workshops, initiated by the German Marshall Fund (GMF) and Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP).


Security and Defence in Northern Europe (SNE) (compl.)

The research project explores contemporary opportunities and challenges embodied in patterns of regional security and defence cooperation. In particular, it deals with the role of Northern Europe in the changing Euro-Atlantic security architecture.


Security Cooperation and Strategic Culture (compl.)

The influence of strategic cultures can promote the development of cooperative security structures or counteract it. The circumstances of influence are not sufficiently understood. This project uses the example of missile defense to analyze how guiding principles (Leitbilder) affect the opportunities for better security cooperation in Europe.


SWP Comments

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SWP Research Papers

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