International Security

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The Research Division International Security examines a wide range of security issues ranging from European and transatlantic security relations to global issues such as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, arms control, the development of weapon technology and the arms industry, including defence cooperation and arms exports.

In detail, these topics include:

  • The development of and prospects for the CFSP, CSDP and NATO;
  • structural developments in the Atlantic area and throughout Europe, including any potential for conflict;
  • European defence cooperation;
  • the strategic and operational consequences of introducing new technology and options, the use of this technology and any limitations imposed by arms control;
  • the analysis of both strategic concepts and their further development;
  • the prospects and strategic implications of missile defence;
  • trends in and consequences of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and related technology as well as international instruments designed to contain them.

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