Cluster »Armament and Technology«

Since Fall 2009 the »Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik« hosts a working group dealing with the armed forces, armaments, technology and armament policy at national and European level.

The aim of the cluster is to advise the German Parliament and Executive on critical developments in the fields of:

  • Capabilities of the German armed forces in the national and international context
  • Technologies for security and defence in Germany and Europe
  • Armament policies including major armament programmes
  • Security and defence industries in the national and international domain


Based on the expertise of its members, the working group's research agenda for 2010 and 2011 will focus on:

  • Factors of the dynamics of armament, i.e. developments in the space domain, the transatlantic dimension of armament policy in Europe and Germany and the role of the European Defence Agency (EDA)
  • The complexity of capability development/planning including relevant processes in the U.S., Russia and new EU approaches following the Lisbon treaty
  • Challenges created by technological developments, i.e. in space, information and communication technology
  • Critical projects in the field of armament and operations, i.e. A400M and logistics in multinational operations


Currently, the following SWP researcher is member of the cluster: Marcel Dickow, PhD

The cluster is coordinated by Hilmar Linnenkamp, PhD.

Whenever possible we cooperate with fellows from other divisions within the SWP for an integrative and interdisciplinary approach to our research.


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Olivier de France, Marcel Dickow, Hilmar Linnenkamp, Jean-Pierre Maulny

French and German Defence: The Opportunities of Transformation

FG03-WP No 02, March 2015, Berlin
Christian Mölling, Alicia von Voß

The Role of EU National Parliaments in Defence Affairs

A Comparison of Decision-Making Powers across Europe concerning International Troop Deployments and Procurement Processes

SWP Working Paper FG03, WP No. 01, March 2015, 13 pages
Christian Mölling

NATO's Two Percent Illusion

Germany Needs to Encourage Greater Efficiency within the Alliance

SWP Comment 2014/C 36, August 2014, 4 Pages
Marie-Louise Chagnaud, Christian Mölling, Torben Schütz, Alicia von Voß

European Defence Monitoring (EDM)

Working Paper FG 03, No. 01, January 2014, 44 pages
Claudia Major, Christian Mölling, Alicia von Voß

The State of Defence Cooperation in Europe

Working Paper, FG 03-WP No 3, December 2013, 14 pages
Hilmar Linnenkamp, Christian Mölling

A Doable Agenda for the European Defence Council 2013

Three Proposals

SWP Comment 2013/C 28, August 2013, 4 Pages
Marcel Dickow, Hilmar Linnenkamp

Combat Drones – Killing Drones

A Plea against Flying Robots

SWP Comment 2013/C 04, February 2013, 8 Pages
Marcel Dickow, Hilmar Linnenkamp, Christian Mölling

The Case for a European Defence Review

Why National-level Armed Forces Planning Is Not Enough

SWP Comment 2012/C 24, August 2012, 4 Pages
Christian Mölling

Pooling and Sharing in the EU and NATO

European Defence Needs Political Commitment rather than Technocratic Solutions

SWP Comment 2012/C 18, June 2012, 4 Pages
Christian Mölling

Europe without Defence

The States of Europe Have to Re-evaluate the Interrelationship between Political Sovereignty, Military Effectiveness and Economic Efficiency

SWP Comment 2011/C 38, November 2011, 4 Pages
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Wolfgang Richter
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A New Nuclear Arms Race Can Still Be Prevented

Markus Kaim, Ronja Kempin
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