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Thijs van de Graaf, Indra Overland, Daniel Scholten, Kirsten Westphal

The new oil? The geopolitics and international governance of hydrogen

in: Energy Research & Social Science, Volume 70, December 2020


Caroline Kuzemko, Michael Bradshaw, Gavin Bridge, Andreas Goldthau, Jessica Jewell, Indra Overland, Daniel Scholten, Thijs van de Graaf, Kirsten Westphal

Covid-19 and the Politics of Sustainable Energy Transitions

in: Energy Research and Social Science, July 2020 (online)


Kirsten Westphal

Energy Politics of the European Union

in: Kathleen J. Hancock and Juliann Emmons Allison (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Energy Politics, Oxford: Oxford University Press, July 2020
Jan-Christoph Heilinger, Sridhar Venkatapuram, Maike Voss, Verina Wild

Bringing Ethics into the Global Coronavirus Response

in: The Hastings Center, 22.06.2020 (online)
Maria Pastukhova, Kirsten Westphal

Governing the Global Energy Transformation

in: Manfred Hafner/Simone Tagliapietra (eds.), The Geopolitics of the Global Energy Transition, Cham: Springer Nature, 2020, pp. 341-364 (online)
Kirsten Westphal

Russia - EU Relations and the Energy Transition

in: Susanne Nies (Hg.): The European Energy Transition: Agenda for the Twenties, Deventer: Claeys and Casteels Law Publishers, 2020, p. 379-395
Sabine Riedel

Europe's Democracies Temporarly in Emergency?

General Conditions, Political Responsibilities and Exit Scenarios from the Corona Crisis

in: Forschungshorizonte, Politik & Kultur, 6/2020, 36 pages
Susan Bergner

The EU's Scope of Action in Global Health

in: stars insights, 12.05.2020 (online)
Dheepa Rajan, Kira Koch, Katja Rohrer, Csongor Bajnoczki, Anna Socha, Maike Voss, Marjolaine Nicod, Valery Ridde, Justin Koonin

Governance of the Covid-19 response: a call for more inclusive and transparent decision-making

in: BMJ Global Health 2020, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp. 1-8.
Susanne Dröge, Carolyn Fischer

Carbon Pricing at the Border: Key Questions for the EU

in: ifo DICE Report 18 (1), April 2020, p. 30-34
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SWP Comments

Anne Koch, Jana Kuhnt
Migration and the 2030 Agenda: Making Everyone Count

Migrants and Refugees in the Sustainable Development Goals

David Kipp, Nadine Knapp, Amrei Meier
Negative Sanctions and the EU’s External Migration Policy

“Less for Less” Not Fit for Purpose

SWP Research Papers

Susanne Dröge
Addressing the Risks of Climate Change

What Role for the UN Security Council?

Anne Koch
On the Run in Their Own Country

Political and Institutional Challenges in the Context of Internal Displacement