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Christian Schaller

Massenvernichtungswaffen und Präventivkrieg

Möglichkeiten der Rechtfertigung einer militärischen Intervention im Irak aus völkerrechtlicher Sicht

in: Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht, 62 (2002) 3, S. 641-668
Ulrich Schneckener

Auswege aus dem Bürgerkrieg

Frankfurt a.M., Suhrkamp, 2002
Kinga Gál (ed.), Ulrich Schneckener

Minority Governance between Self-Rule and Shared-Rule

in: Kinga Gál (ed.) Minority Governance in Europe Budapest: LGI Books, 2002, pp. 349-372
Ulrich Schneckener

Making Power-Sharing Work

Lessons from Successes and Failures in Ethnic Conflict Regulation

in: Journal of Peace Research, 38, 2, 2002, pp. 203-228.
Susanne Dröge, Birgit Soete

Trade-related Intellectual Property Rights, North-South Trade, and Biological Diversity

in: Environmental and Resource Economics, 19, July 2001, pp.149-163
Renata Dwan (ed.), Friedemann Müller

Energy Development and Transportation Network Cooperation in Central Asia and the South Caucasus

in: Renata Dwan (ed.), Building Security in the New States of Eurasia, Armink, New York: M.E. Sharpe, 2000
Friedemann Müller, Alexander Ochs (eds.)

Sustainable Climate Protection Policies

With contributions by the German Federal Minister for the Environment, the German Foreign Minister, the U.S. Undersecretary for Global Affairs and representatives from science, industry and NGOs

SWP and German Foreign Office and Federal Ministry for the Environment, Ebenhausen 2000
Heribert Dieter

Crisis in Asia: A Crisis of Globalisation?

in: ASIEN No. 70, January 1999, pp. 29-47
Heribert Dieter

Die Asienkrise

Ursachen, Konsequenzen und die Rolle des Internationalen Währungsfonds

Marburg: Metropolis-Verlag 1998
Heribert Dieter

APEC and the WTO: Collision or Cooperation?

in: The Pacific Review, 10 (1997) 1, pp. 19-38
Displaying results 601 to 610 out of 625

SWP Comments

Nadine Biehler, David Kipp
Alternatives to Refugee Camps

Cities Need International Support for Receiving Forcibly Displaced People

Laura von Daniels, Susanne Dröge, Alexandra Bögner
Ways Out of the WTO’s December Crisis

How to Prevent the Open Global Trade Order from Unravelling

SWP Research Papers

Bettina Rudloff
A Stable Countryside for a Stable Country?

The Effects of a DCFTA with the EU on Tunisian Agriculture

Daniel Voelsen
Cracks in the Internet’s Foundation

The Future of the Internet’s Infrastructure and Global Internet Governance