The Research Division EU/Europe analyses the core challenges of the European Union and Europe. It focuses on policy fields, processes and interests that shape the inward and outward activities of the European Union and its member states. The research agenda reflects the relevance of the EU as the guiding framework for German politics.


British-German Outlook Group

The British-German Outlook Group is a yearly exchange organised by SWP together with our partner Chatham House and kindly funded by the German Foreign Office. The Outlook Group brings together officials and leading expert of both countries for an exchange on the future of Europe, British-German relations and joint foreign policy interests.


Daimler EU-US-Program

The Daimler U.S. European Forum on Global Issues is hosted by the Brookings Institution (Washington), the Centre for European Reform (London) and the SWP, with the support of Daimler AG. Its objective is to conduct a regular, confidential dialogue on international politics involving leaders and think tanks from the United States and the European Union.


Debate on the Future of Europe

The European Policy Institutes Network participates in the debate about Europe’s future by publishing expert analyses, and works to improve mutual understanding through discussion of national discourses. Its members are think tanks and policy institutes from almost all the EU member-states and accession candidates.


German-Polish Dialogue

Researchers from SWP and the Osrodek Studiów Wschodnich (Centre for Eastern Studies) in Warsaw conduct a German-Polish think-tank dialogue on political, social and economic developments in the post-Soviet states.


German-Spanish Dialogue

The German-Spanish Dialogue is conducted by SWP and its partner, the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), with support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Currently interest centres on the challenges of European integration and the European and foreign policies of Spain and Germany.


Research Centre NORDEN (RENOR) (compl.)

The Research Centre Norden (RENOR) is concerned with cooperation between Germany and the Nordic countries, especially in the EU context, and the question of how it can be expanded and deepened. The project also researches EU policies in the Nordic countries and forms of regional – especially Nordic – cooperation.


EU Security Agencies (compl.)

The research project »Delegating Security? EU Agencies in Internal and External Security Policy«, supported by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, investigates control and effectiveness of selected EU security agencies, such as the European Defence Agency and the border policing body Frontex.


The challenges of digitalization for German Foreign and Security Policy (compl.)

The project »The challenges of digitalization for German Foreign and Security Policy« analyses the institutional parameters of a German cyber foreign and security policy in order to further German principles of data security and data privacy as well as processes of norms-setting at the European and global level.



SWP Comments

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SWP Research Papers

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